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Puerto Cayo rises after the earthquake, with events and sale of handicrafts

With music and joy of the beach areas of Manabi exceeds the tragedy caused by the earthquake of April 16. Three months after of that incident Puerto Cayo reactivates its economy ... Continue Reading →

Elephants, an endangered species

Every 15 minutes an elephant is brutally slaughtered, order to obtain their tusks. It is time to stop and save this Animal spice. The solution is to use the tagua a seed known as ... Continue Reading →

Solidarity to reactivate handycrafts in Manabi

“The Traditional weaving of the Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat”, the body to block the Genuine Montecristi Hats,  is declared “Intangible Cultural Heritage of ... Continue Reading →

Characteristics of Panama Hat “Pork Pie”.

Panama hats have several models, each with its name and its main characteristics that distinguish each other. These fashion hats can be for all tastes: youthful, formal, sports ... Continue Reading →

Preparation of Panama hat.

There are many techniques of preparation for Panama hats, the same way there are many models of hats for everyone. The mold of Panama hats above was made with hand; currently there ... Continue Reading →

Characteristics of Panama hat “Fedora”

The Fedora is a classic hat widely used since the XVIII century. This Panama hat is one of the most sold nationally and internationally because of its model. Stylists and designers ... Continue Reading →