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The Palo Santo is the cure for various diseases

Share The oil extracted from Palo Santo has many benefits. It is excellent for regeneration of bone in osteoporosis treatment. Having this disease increases the risk of fractures. ... Continue Reading →

Triathlon race that helps Manabi to the revival of the earthquake tragedy

ShareThe Ironman 70.3 was developed for the second time in Manta, on July 31st, 2016. Thousands of tourists came to the city. It was a very fruitful weekend for the beach area. On Sunday ... Continue Reading →
the Sea Princess cruise

Manabi culture was exposed to the Sea Princess cruise tourists

Share Ecuador suffered an earthquake of 7.8 on April 16, where many were affected. Due to this event the dock Manta suffered severe damage. For that reason it was impossible the arrival ... Continue Reading →

A festival that rescues the culture of Manabi

Share In order to restore the Manabi culture is performed straw toquilla festival. It is also the first festival held with this subject, to honor the manabitas. The Intended dates for ... Continue Reading →

The sacred aroma (Palo Santo) that curates several diseases

ShareAlternative medicine has gained strength in recent times and between species used is the Palo Santo means “sacred timber”. This tree has a pleasant characteristic aroma. ... Continue Reading →

Puerto Cayo rises after the earthquake, with events and sale of handicrafts

Share With music and joy of the beach areas of Manabi exceeds the tragedy caused by the earthquake of April 16. Three months after of that incident Puerto Cayo reactivates its economy ... Continue Reading →