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Elegant and versatile Tagua Jewelry.

You want another type of jewelry handmade? It’s time to renew your tagua bracelets, tagua necklaces and earrings . Make your own jewelry with Tagua Beads. We bring you an ... Continue Reading →

Project Beauty: Necklace and Bracelet.

Make your own beaded tagua jewelry in free time helps reduce stress. Tagua Bracelets and Tagua necklaces are part of their everyday attire. dress different, beautiful and radiant ... Continue Reading →

Tagua necklace and earrings to look radiant.

You want to look radiant and stylish all day? Use our Tagua jewelry: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings handmade. You also want to make yours? Let’s start ! Materials: #gallery-3 ... Continue Reading →

Creative Tagua Earrings.

Build their own pair of tagua earrings has always been easy. Require tagua beads and a little creativity. LET’S DO IT! Materials: #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 ... Continue Reading →

Hands Artists with bracelets of tagua.

Are you of using same old Tagua Jewelry? Would you like have hands of porcelain? Dare to make your own Tagua Bracelet at home! It is very easy. Materials: #gallery-5 { margin: ... Continue Reading →

Creative and fun project necklaces and earrings

These tired of using the same jewelry of forever? You want to do something new and beautiful?.Today we bring you a fun way to create your own tagua necklaces and earrings to give ... Continue Reading →

Creativity is an act of beading: Necklace and errings

Do you have good taste and are creative? Learn to make your own jewelry at home, at work or anywhere. Luis Romero of Manta-Ecuador, a 30-year old craftsman teaches a new way of ... Continue Reading →

Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Siobhán Keogh

Check this interview and look what our last winner Siobhán Keogh did with the tagua beads she won in our last giveaway!  1 Please tell us about yourself. How is a normal day ... Continue Reading →
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Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Linny Cazares

Hi! we are always interested in our comunity of beaders! Recently we sent an interview to some of our past winners of the montly “Tagua Beads giveaway” so they could ... Continue Reading →

The Ecuadorian crafts fairs stand Manta

Manta is one of the most important cities of Ecuador, located in the province of Manabi. It lays in a beautiful bay, which has given the characteristic of international port on ... Continue Reading →