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Ivo Chukov: “Panama hats are of excellent quality …”

Montecristi is a canton in the province of Manabi in Ecuador, this place has tourist attractions such as “El Cerro Montecristi” where is located the House of Eloy Alfaro ... Continue Reading →

Skilful artisans of Genuine Panama Hats.

The quality of hats can vary: the type of tissue that make the artisan, the fineness of the same tissue, the color uniformity of the strip and the same hat. Olivia Mera, mother, ... Continue Reading →

You use bracelets made of eco Ivory Tagua.

We give an option so you can renew your traditional jewelry,  for a natural jewelry. Tagua bracelets that we show are handmade. These bracelets can use them in the morning, afternoon ... Continue Reading →
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Natural jewelry: necklaces and earrings.

You are ready to make a change traditional jewelry by a natural jewelry? We will present a variety of necklaces and earrings that can make yourself at home, at work or on vacation. ... Continue Reading →
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Tagua necklaces and earrings for all occasions.

You want to use elegant  Tagua Jewelry? That’s how we prepare our necklaces and earrings so that you can use at work, at a party or at home. Let’s get started! #gallery-4 ... Continue Reading →

Combine your tagua bracelets every time.

The bracelets that you have at home do not serve to combine with all your clothes? Leave that aside and start making your own Handmade Tagua Jewelry. We make bracelets that you ... Continue Reading →