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Beading Videos: How To Create Beautiful Beaded Jewelry At Home

By on October 11, 2010

Beading Projects

When you first start out with beading or perhaps you purchase a beading kit for your child, patterns don’t matter too much. You may be working with two or three colors and stringing them onto necklaces or bracelets in a very simple fashion. It is when you get more into beading and want to create more advanced projects that the need to create or purchase patterns arises.

Now you can make your own bead jewelry using different type of seed beads. This is a creative and entertaining hobby. These are great fun to make since you will be using a lot of  beads. And it is up to your own imagination and creativity in deciding which color or combination of colors to be used.

On this proyect, jewerly designer Maria Fernanda, will show you how to bead a Tagua Necklace using Tagua bead and coconut beads. This model is ct0052, it is ideal for wear in the day. Level: Hard. Necklace and Earrings made out of  Tagua bead and Coconut beads availables at


ct0052 armado (3)

ct0052 armado (1)

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