Amazon of Ecuador: Organically Growing Natural health products

Amazon of Ecuador: Organically Growing Natural health products

Title: Emerald Tree Boa, Amazon, Ecuador by: Pete Oxford

Hello my dear friends,

I’m back blogging, not only to show you the beauty of Ecuadorian Amazon, but also to show you the wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs.

A few days ago, while I was sitting home with my family watching news, I saw a video of GamaTv, Ecuador’s national channel, about crops of medicinal plants grown organically and their use in the preparation of natural health products for human consumption. This news caught my attention and frankly speaking, my curiosity would not let me be still. I needed to learn more about these products!

Then, I thought a bit to see how I could communicate with the reporter who prepared this interview and obtain a copy of the video.  I started calling the TV channel in Guayaquil to try to get in touch with Patricio Chamorro, the reporter. Unfortunately I was told that there was not any reporter under that name working there. They suggested me to call to their offices in Quito.

It was a very difficult process to contact him. First, I was told that he no longer worked at their office in Quito; Then, I was told he was on a trip. I kindly asked for a telephone number or email address, No success! It was not nice talking to the people of GamaTV. They were anything but kind to me. Nevertheless, I am very stubborn and I could not get no for an answer. Finally, after so much insistence I was able to get a mobile number. Sorry, if I have bothered you with this prelude, but I’ve definitely had to share this experience with you because I do not understand how it is possible that a TV Channel cannot provide information that is public. The channel had already broadcasted it on television, right? So what’s the secret?

Nevermind! From that point it was all very easy to talk to Patricio. I asked him for the video, and he was very friendly and helpful. He sent a copy to my email. Patricio, thank you very much for helping me sharing information about our country with the’s community. Friends, the video was in Spanish only. I subtitled it for you! :)

Once I received the audiovisual and reviewed it, I decided to travel to Pastaza province of Ecuador which holds processing center of natural medicines that are the most important in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In Pastaza, I went to the processing center called FloraSana. I discovered that they carry a wide variety of items, starting from natural hair products, skin care products, allergy remedies, brain enhacers, bio energizers, etc. All these natural remedies are with herbal and natural plants, such as Nightshade, Tea-tree, Nipple fruit, Tithonia sp., Nicotiana tabacum, Cat’s Claw Uncaria tomentosa, yantra (Lippia alba), thyme (Thymus vulgaris), ginger (Zingiber officinalis), Ungurahua Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Amazon Cinnamon Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential oils and much more! These plants are grown organically, without chemicals, in order to maintain all their medicinal properties that will help to improve the health and welfare of people.

It was amazing to be there, surrounded by many talented and friendly people.  There were even some foreigners, including a girl from France who commented she was working with medicinal plants at home, and had to come to learn more about plants of the Amazon.

A girl who works at the processing center indicated that by using natural medicines, they try to help people to recover from diseases that afflict them. Also, they want to maintain the habit of using these medicinal plants, as their ancestors did formerly. “These products do not contain preservatives or artificial coloring” she finished. I must confess these last words were among the main reasons that motivated me to buy some products, which I mention below.

Amazon of Ecuador: Organically Growing Natural health productsAs we are in winter season, and I want to be prepared against the flu, I acquired allergy remedies: a 50 gram bag of candied ginger, excellent for coughs, hoarseness, as well as for the dizziness, headache. It’s an excellent circulatory stimulating and serves as an aphrodisiac. Wow! So many things in one product only…

Amazon of Ecuador: Organically Growing Natural health productsAlso I acquired a syrup made of extracts yantria (Lippia alba), thyme (Thymus vulgaris), ginger (Zingiber officinalis), common plantain (plant  australis), propolis, honey bee, which is indicated for coughs, strep throat and other respiratory conditions. The syrup is called Yantos Syrup 120 ml bottle, I guess it is because it contains yantria…

There were so many products! Unfortunately I could not buy all at that time. The good thing is that I can order them online.

Ok my dear readers. I don’t take more of your time. My last advice is: Do not hesitate to visit the province of Pastaza when planning your next vacation trip. Enjoy the warm culture of its people, enigmatic forest, its clean rivers and waterfalls as well as their ancestral cultures. Pastaza is surely your best choice for family tourism.

See you soon with more news of the wonders of Ecuador,

Your friend,