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Hello Dear Friends,

The other day I was contacted by a lady from Canada. She’d had read info about tagua and was interested in getting tagua beads.


She landed into our bead store with the intention of making a trial order. She went over all the selection process and was doing the checkout when she realized the cost of the delivery. She was buying $40 worth of beads and our system showed $40 for delivery. Obviously she thought it was absurd and quit the store. This couldn’t be farer from the truth! However, this was a lost sell! Too bad for us :(

Lucky us, this kind lady took the time to write and let me know about this situation. This got me thinking: How many customers would have had thought the same way, quit the store, and lost the opportunity of learning about these exotic ivory beads? Hard to tell, but this motivated me to write this post. I hope you like it!



1.- Lowest prices delivered to your door! Despite we ship directly from Ecuador, our prices including beads+ shipping+taxes (if any) are up to 50% lower than our competition!

2.- Plus, we have 23 colors available!

3.- Plus, we offer the largest stock of high quality tagua beads. Over 300 models of tagua beads and increasing!

4.- and as a bonus, Tagua protects the rainforest and elephants!

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There you have my friends. We invite you to confirm all above information, acquire our beautiful seed beads and start beading for a better world! To wholesale beading supplies as well as retail, EcuadorianHands.com is your choise.

If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards,

Fabrizio :)




    I am the “Lady of Canada” she is talking about. What she says is exactly what happened. I am very happy with my order and I love the tagua beads I received.
    Thank you !

    Lucie (Montréal, Canada)

  • http://www.EcuadorianHands.com fverac

    Hello Lucy,
    Thank you for your post in our blog. However, you are not the person I am referring in my post. And checking in our database, I cannot find you as a bead customers.

    Have you ever tried tagua beads ? From us?
    Pls check them out http://www.ecuadorianhands.com/bead-c-70.html

    If you require further assistance, please contact me.

    Thank you for your time,

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