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Free Shipping for Panama Hats: Fedora, Borsalino, Ausin & more

By on August 2, 2011
Panama Hats free shipping worldwide

There is no excuse now: Free Shipping to anywhere in the world! Get you dreamed Genuine Panama Hat,Handwoven by ecuadorian skilled weavers. We carry all sizes and models. 

If you have any inquiry, please email me – We provide an excellent customer service. You will be very satisfied as all our customers. Read their comments at our store.

Have a wonderfull day! With Best regards,

Fabrizio A. Vera/CEO

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Fino Clasico Montecristi Panama Hat
Fedora Fino Panama Hat Premium Grade 15-16
$ 329.99
Fedora Montecristi Fino Panama Hat; 100% Natural Straw; Natural Color; Available in sizes 54cm to 65cm; Brim: 2.75″ (it may vary between 2.55″ to 3.15″); Hat includes sweatband

You’ll look gorgeus at any time wearing the Best hat of the world, the Panama Hat! The authentic and genuine Panama Hats manufactured exclusively in Ecuador, hand-woven hats with toquilla straw by skilled weavers. The montecristi panama hat is recognized worldwide for its quality.

Havana Montecristi Panama Hat
Havana Panama Hat Fino Grade 15
$ 329.99
Fedora Planter Montecristi Panama Hat
Fedora Planter Panama Hat Fino Fino Grade 21
$ 499.99
Optimo Fino Montecristi Panama Hat
Optimo Fino Panama Hat Fino Grade 15
$ 329.99
Sir Montecristi Panama Hat
Sir Montecristi Panama Hat Fino Fino Grade 21
$ 499.99
Planter Subfino Montecristi Panama Hat
Planter Subfino Panama Hat Fino Grade 15
$ 329.99
Fino Clasico Montecristi Panama Hat
Fino Clasico Panama Hat Premium Grade 28
$ 859.99


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