An elephant killed in the national park N’djida Bouba in Cameroon

national park N’djida Bouba in Cameroon

National park N’djida Bouba in Cameroon

Cameroon helplessly witnesses the loss of one of its major colonies of elephants. National Park N’djida Bouba in the north of the country, lived for a few weeks under the control of armed militias, from Chad and Sudan, have killed about 200 copies (one third of those living in the reserve .) Witnesses report that they are armed with Kalashnikovs, horse and camel-assisted, and that give the meat to the local population. They just want the ivory tusks and leave in its wake a trail of elephants beheaded.

Last Tuesday, the official journal of the regime, the Cameroon Tribune carried front page headlines in what he described as “slaughter of elephants.” “That the system recognizes what is happening and shows its impotence. At least they decided to report it, “explained UE sources in the country. The Veintisiste have expressed concerns about what is happening, which can decimate the fledgling hunting and nature tourism.

David Hoyle, head of the WWF environmental ONG in the country, explains that there is much confusion: “What’s going on a killing is safe, but data are not clear. Some talk of groups of 50 persons and others of only 10 “. The area is so remote and dangerous.

The number of animals killed may exceed 200 and reach 300. A person who organizes safaris in the area said by telephone that he heard the shooting and that “in recent weeks has grown tremendously, the problem”. The UE manages data even more alarming. The sources have recorded the remains of 75 elephants whose position located with GPS. Estimate that the number of animals killed can exceed 200 or even reach 300. In 2007, WWF surveyed the population of elephants in the national park about 600 copies, so that the decrease would be significant.

The militants have been seen with khaki uniform, armed with Kalashnikovs and divided into groups of six or seven to attack and take the fangs. You have come to the people of El Gouna, and Koiloungou Sinassi, among others, to advise on where remaining debris in case the neighbors wanted the meat. This will gain the support of the villages in the area. According to local press, on the roads north of the country is easily elephant meat. The Governor of the region, Gambo Haman has admitted that the guards are few and are armed in a rudimentary way, with what little they can do.

Last year
confiscated 23 tons
of elephant tusks

A hunting guide who has just returned from the area says he has seen the remains of elephants. “No one can know how many have fallen, because everything is so confusing, but it is true that animals are dead. These guys are heavily armed and try to avoid them, “says this expert, who requested anonymity as a precaution. Local media said that six soldiers from Chad were killed by the armed group.

Although traffic tusks had been banned for 22 years, the ONG Traffic states that in 2011 reached a new high of seizures at airports worldwide.

Last year seized 23 tons of elephant tusks, an amount equivalent to at least 2,500 dead elephants.

Asia is the main destination, because the ivory is used in traditional Chinese medicine. With those sales can finance the purchase of weapons.

The national park is a popular destination for safaris. There are elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, buffalo … The reserve, with 2,200 square kilometers, about the size of the province of Vizcaya.

The guide, who has worked in conservation, said sadly: “We see our work year is running at all,” but insists that the killings do not occur only in the national park but throughout the north the country, and that the militias come after robbing thousands of elephants in Chad and Central Africa.

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