King of Spain underwent surgery after hunting elephants… What about the elephants?

Rey Juan Carlos

Many lament the hip operation which had to undergo the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, after an accident while hunting elephants in Africa. Others such as the general secretary of WWF Spain, says: John “is a national image problem as well as international rather than conservation of elephants in Botswana” and so it is discussed whether the King should continue in office.

However, there is a situation that goes beyond the King’s hip operation and remained in office. It is the life of these animals that need to be precautioned. If you kill for sport, there are many options for sports. And if it is for the ivory (tusk of elephants), now it has been discovered that the tagua generates an eco ivory that harms no one, it mimics the characteristics of elephant ivory, and contributes to the care of nature.

Then, as these elephants do not have “a problem of national neither international image,” or hip surgery, they are slaughtered, just as simple as that.

Therefore, if you identified yourself with the Ecofriendly movement, spread the word and save the elephants, Link to us! Sharing is a key factor for spreading a message and I am sure everybody involved in the ecofriendly movement will be benefited, starting from our mother earth and Elephants. Little actions make huge improvements.