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The expected creation Friday brings the necklace and earrings Pear with exotic ivory tagua

By on April 13, 2012

Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of leather, marbled slice of tagua, and irregular pieces of exotic ivory, vegetable ivory (Tagua).

This necklace has the distinction of being two laps, is simple, but striking in view of the type used tagua beads and clothing.

1. marbled slice
2. irregular sheets
3. Leather Cord

4.end hooks


Only a marbled slice earrings hooks are located him and ready

We selected two cords, one long and one short, all according to your taste. In the middle of long leather cord irregular place a tab secured by a knot, so we have two extremes inequal size, now at a distance of about two centimeters make a knot and we place a slice marbled with another knot at the end to ensure; this step we are doing in parallel at both ends.

You need to combine the slices marmoleadas color and insert the pair, we repeated the process leaving just an inch, until the end.

Similarly we set up the cord without the tab smaller irregular. When ready the union through the clasp to close.

Do not forget that before and after each slice marbled must make a knot to prevent it from moving.

Ready have completed this beautiful set made ​​with tagua beads is yours.

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