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DID YOU KNOW Panama Hats have starred in Hollywood films?

By on May 10, 2012

hollywoodIn 1944 sales of panama hats reached its peak, becoming the number one export product of Ecuador due to the decrease of cocoa.

But without doubt one of the main reasons why the sales have increased was the golden age of Hollywood. Was at this period of time that many film-stars used the then called Panama Hat (because it was thought that came from that country) inside and outside of the screen more popular usage of the accessory.

The Panama Hat,was the protagonist in the costumes of some of the most famous films of that era and today are classified as treasures of cinema.

And if we talk of naming starrings, the role that the hat did in the movie Gone with the Wind, was one of the best work.  But the action it took in Casablanca and Key Largo is also worthy of applause.

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