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Alfaro City , a tourist destination of Ecuador

By on March 12, 2018

Do you know Ecuador? Did you know that a large number of tourists visit Manabí, Ecuador every year?
Ecuador is known as the country of the 4 worlds, it has a great diversity of tourist places, you can choose Beaches, countryside, forests, and cold areas.
Usually many of the tourists arrive in the city of Montecristi where they fall in love for their great varieties of crafts.
Straw hats, jewelry and figures made of tagua, ponchos and more products are what tourists buy as a souvenir during their visit to Ecuador.
But that’s not all, in Montecristi you will find  Alfaro city, here you will find several museums that tell the stories of Ecuadorians and President Eloy Alfaro who is recognized for having done wonderful works in Ecuador such as giving women the right to study and have the right to vote and unite two large cities Quito and Guayaquil through the railroad that is currently as an exhibition in that place.
Several days ago I had the opportunity to visit this city just when a cruise arrived, here came people from France, England, and more.

The staff that works in Alfaro city  received them with an orchestra that played live some corridors and representative music of the country, the tourists saw it with such joy and emotion.
After the musical demonstration, they began to see the train to take pictures and went to the museum, intrigued by knowing the history of our country.
It is amazing how people from other countries can be interested in the history and culture of other countries.
What caught my attention was the expression on their face when they heard how General Eloy Alfaro died, he had a violent death by his enemies, the remains are in the mausoleum in Alfaro city , many tourists take pictures next to his remains.
After the tour of the historical museums, it is time to show them how the famous straw hat is made. The art of weaving these hats has come in generation of generation, by the people of the city of Montecristi, although many tourists mistakenly know it as Panama Hats its real name is Montecristi Hats, this one is very impressive to tourists and they ask this question How can craftsmen make these kinds of products or crafts with their hands? “If you want to know the history of the hat click here
The guides are responsible for explaining where the straw comes from, the process of washing and drying, then as it begins to weave, at this point they are explained that to weave a fine hat takes about a month or more.
But that is not all after having the fabric the hat is washed and left to dry then it is beaten on a stone with a wooden mallet to give it more flexibility, and finally it is ironed and packaged to sell.
For this creation process it takes time and dedication and above all patience if you thought it was easy to create a fine straw hat now you know that it is not so it is a bit complex, that’s why the art of knitting was recognized by UNESCO in 2012 .
There are many places you can visit in Ecuador you can enter EcuadorianHands and read our blog.

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video of the city Alfaro

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