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Ecuador is love

By on March 29, 2018


Ecuadorislove is the new tourism campaign launched by the Ministry of Ecuador.

within the campaign they capture the places that both foreign and local tourists can visit and spend a couple of days in the best way.

If you wonder what places are those? do not worry read well because I’ll detail them so you do not have excuses to give you that desired vacation with your partner.

Ecuador is known as the country of the 4 worlds. you know why? because even though it is a small and cozy country it is very diverse in flora and fauna. It has four regions: the Coast, the Sierra, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands.

In this country you will find places with warm, cold climates, countryside, jungles, and beaches are options that you can choose

As a recommendation I tell you that the natural scenarios are the most romantic, you can visit the incredible beaches that Ecuador like the Galapagos Islands, the Frailes or travel the entire route of the spondylus located in Manabí, something that you would like apart from the beautiful landscapes of sure sera the gastronomy, a fried or roasted fish or maybe a seafood ceviche.

Now imagine not only come to vacation in Ecuador if you do not make the wedding of your dreams somewhere in this wonderful country, it would be fantastic right ?.

How about you do your wedding in Quito? The climate of this city is cold, but it has a lot of tourist places, museums and important churches Gothic styles that will make you transport to the churches of Europe.

If your dream is to get married or go on a honeymoon to a beach, where you can enjoy and venture, get to know marine life and more, Galapagos is your best option, believe me every time I visited Galapagos, it makes me want to stay, its delicious food, its tourist routes, seeing how the sun goes down in the sea, diving and swimming with dolphins, Galapagos has it all.

But what if you are one of the people that you like history and culture? You can visit Montecristi, in this city the fine straw hats are woven, weaving is a tradition that comes from generation to generation. Also in Alfaro city there is a historical museum where he tells you the political and humanistic history of Ecuador. You can know the train that in the past united the Coast and the Sierra, this work was shaped by General Eloy Alfaro, whose remains are in the Mausoleum of said city, it is considered that he was one of the bravest and bravest Ecuadorians of Ecuador, His death was tragic and many tourists are thrilled to hear the story.

Montecristi is one of the most visited churches by foreign tourists, the church of the Virgin of Monserrate, which has its own legend that passes from generation to generation.

This virgin is of European origin was a gift from the Emperor Charles V, he decided to give two figures, the Virgin of Santa Rosa for Montecristi Ecuador and The Virgin of Monserrate for Peru, but it is believed that due to a divine intervention the figures were exchanged.

According to the priest Bernardo Recio, the images arrived together in a Spanish brig, having disembarked the image of Santa Rosa to venerate it in Montecristi, but the following day, when setting sail for Peru after having sailed all day and night , the ship woke up again in the roadstead of Manta, continuing with this prodigy some days, until the crew deduced, as a solution, the change of the image, that is, leaving the Monserrate in Manta to be transferred to Montecristi and embarked on the of Santa Rosa, which would be taken to Peru. The procedure ended with the odyssey, and the ship normally followed its route to Lima.

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