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Ecuador the country of the 4 world

By on March 19, 2018

Did you know that Ecuador is known as the country of the 4 worlds?
Listening to 4 worlds sounds a bit strange but at the same time a little curious. This country is well known worldwide because despite being a small country it has 4 regions where one can venture, explore and have fun.
Ecuador has become an international tourist destination, every year more tourists visit this place.
but you who read this blog will wonder what are the 4 worlds or the 4 regions.

Let’s start talking about the first world: The Amazonian region

This place is also known as the east or Ecuadorian forest. In this place you will find a great variety of flora and fauna, although there are several species of animals, most of them are in protection because they are in danger of extinction.
This forest has a humid, tropical climate because it is surrounded by vegetation. tourists who love to venture and explore choose this place, here they spend their time in lagoons, rivers, observing animals, mammals and birds.
If I tell you, Yasuní, what do you think? Yasuni is part of this great jungle that Ecuador has.

The second world is the Sierra or Andes.
It is one of the most visited places by both foreign and local tourists, since it is home to the famous half of the world. That is, the equinoctial line that divides 2 hemispheres passes through this city.
The climate is cold, it is inhabited by indigenous people who have their own culture and language.
One of the tourist places or activities that the tourists carry out is a train ride along the famous nose of the Diablo, a ride on the cable car and the realization of photos to the beautiful landscapes that it has.
The most important cities in this region are Quito and Cuenca because of the amount of culture they have. These 2 were recognized as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Third world The Pacific coast

When listening peacefully, you have to imagine an immense ocean ?. In the Ecuadorian coast there are a great number of beaches that have a great variety of marine species.
its climate is warm tropical, although there may also be seasons of humidity in the air in winter. Here there is a variety of gastronomy, from seafood to ground food. In this route you can visit: Salinas, Santa Elena, Puerto Lopez, Pedernales, among others.
For relaxed family holidays you can visit the beaches of Esmeraldas, Salinas, Mompiche. For adventurous people can visit Canoa and Montañita. There are beaches for all tastes.

Fourth World: The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are conformed by archipelagos that are located in the pacific ocean, being around 14 islands creates the great variety of marine life.
These marine species are both exotic and striking for tourists although some are in protection does not mean you can not know.
In general the Galapagos Islands have a type of white sand in which many sunbathe, has a unique tropical climate.
Many tourists come to this place to do the sport of diving since here you can clearly observe the marine life, the precious corals, the marine animals, and they are also impressed with terrestrial animals such as iguanas, birds and more possesses a total of approximately 22,000 animals.
These Islands were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to the variety of sea species. It is also the area of ​​Ecuador that receives more tourists every year. It is called Galápagos, by a very large turtle that has this name. That is why it is normal to see these animals walking anywhere.

Tell us in the bottom part if you have visited the 4 worlds that Ecuador has and which one is your favorite.
If you have not visited any of these places that you are hoping, Travel First Ecuador and describe and compare the 4 zones that this country offers you.
Here it is possible to visit several regions and diverse ecosystems of the world without leaving the country. You can also find hand-made Ecuadorian products. Welcome to Ecuador, a dynamic, cultured and current country.

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