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Know the differences between essential oils and fragrances

By on March 22, 2018

Do you know what are the difference between essential oils and fragrances?


It is common for many people to use some essential oil and fragrances to perform a massage or to practice aromatherapy. But they have asked what is the difference between these two products and what are their benefits.

When we practice aromatherapy, we use natural products to avoid damaging our skin and organism.

But many people confuse the essence with essential oils and fragrances, this causes us to use it badly.  The essences are not recommended for aromatherapy. An essence can be the smell of the plant before going through the distillation, the synthetic products that serve as imitation or those products that are mixed.

For this reason we must discard the essence products to perform aromatherapy. In contrast, essential oils and fragrances are products for holistic therapy.

The use of essential oils is essential when doing these exercises of relaxation and meditation.

Below we will show you some differences and curious facts regarding essential oils and fragrances.

Essential oils

  • The essential oils are extracted by the process of steam distillation of the same plants, that is to say that they are the soul of the plants.
  • The oils have a real impact at a medical level in our body. Example: relieves headaches, arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain.
  • They are volatile, not greasy and can be easily affected by light and temperature so it is recommended to have them in dark containers.
  • It can be inhaled or applied directly on our skin without any inconvenience, depending on the percentage of purity. Even many can be consumed.
  • Essential oils can not include fragrances because it is a pure product. If this is done, it loses its properties.



  • The fragrances lack therapeutic capabilities, although there is the option of being able to use them in aromatherapy to activate our senses
  • The fragrances can be stored in transparent containers and the labels have only the name indicated.
  • The fragrances lack therapeutic capabilities, although there is the option of being able to use them in aromatherapy to activate our senses.
  • They are artificial aromas made in laboratories, imitating nature.
  • The fragrances in its preparation may include some essential oils to form a new product.

Do you still have doubts or are you a little confused about these two products?

Well, do not worry, I also got a little complicated at the beginning, a clear example that will clear up doubts about these products is the following, suppose you have a real lemon and a lemon candy.

Lemon has benefits for health, body and beauty, plus it comes from the tree directly. On the other hand, lemon candy is already processed with other chemicals and components. Lemon helps us as antibacterial and antiviral because it contains citric acid, vitamin C, pectin and limonene. This last component can also be found in Palo Santo, it has limonene, that is why it is the woody citrus smell.

Now, many of us sometimes acquire products for the monetary value that is to say we consume the cheap. It is true that fragrances are a little cheaper than essential oils, everything is due to its way of obtaining, purity and quality.

But if you want to save you can buy essential oils which are pure and high quality and create your own fragrances, many people do and even with these oils you can not only make fragrances you can also make soaps. In Ecuador, the palo santo soap is made from palo santo oil. This soap is a natural relaxant, since it does not have chemicals, it helps to keep our skin hydrated and healthy.

But keep this in mind, even though essential oils are considered natural you have to handle them carefully, especially in homes where there are children and animals. Remember that ingesting these oils in excess can cause intestinal gastric damage and cause discomfort in other parts of the body.

All these Ecuadorian products are made with artisanal elements.

We support the work of Ecuadorian artisans. And you support this work?

Tell us in the bottom part that you find essential oils.

If you want to know the manufacturing process of palo santo essential oil, watch the next video

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