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Why practice yoga?

By on April 16, 2018

Are you one of the people that you like the tranquility and the relaxation? Have you chosen to practice yoga?

Many people consider it a relaxation and meditation activity, others see it as a sport, and there are people who see it as something insignificant.

But what would happen if I told you that this millenary practice can help you a lot in your life, both spiritually and physically?

Yoga is not only about posturing, yoga is based on meditation, relaxation, stretching, concentration and joint and muscle alignment.

It is important to know that within this activity there are several positions that serve to distitans body parts and the postures are calcified by levels.

Now that you know what yoga is, I will not go around it anymore and I will explain to you how this practice can benefit you for your health, body and mind.


  • Yoga improves the psychological well-being of healthy people, increasing satisfaction with life and self-esteem, and reducing stress and anxiety. It helps us to achieve a feeling of peace and calm with notros themselves.
  • The practice of Surya Namaskar (“Greetings to the sun”) and Kapalbhati pranayama (abdominal breathing) are two of the different techniques yoga offers for weight loss. Although it is estimated that with all the postures you can lose weight it is only about having good concentration at the time of making the poses and you will perform correctly.
  • Yoga can help you feel young and active. Moving from one task to another, or having several simultaneous activities, can be exhausting. But unlike what many might think, a few minutes of stretching the body and relaxing the mind allow you to regain freshness and brightness, even after a day of hard work. Sometimes fatigue occurs on the mental plane, so yoga helps restore the lost energy
  • The joints are fed
    Every time Yoga is practiced, the joints are brought to a full range of movement. This can help prevent degenerative arthritis and mitigate that ailment through the “sponge effect” of cartilage areas that are not normally used.
  • Heart to point
    When the cardiac constants are taken regularly when doing aerobic exercises, it is verified that they are good to reduce the risk of heart attack and relieve depressions. We already know that not all Yoga is aerobic, but if it is done vigorously, through Yoga in movement, or asanas (postures) in chains, (for example the type of Ashtanga Yoga) synchronize the breathing with a progressive series of postures, a process which produces intense internal heat and profuse sweating, the purification that detoxifies the muscles and organs, the heart can be trained to strengthen itself within an aerobic constant.
  • Help stimulate the senses, in the practice of yoga it is important to meditate, and connect with your inner self, many instructors recommend doing meditation in places where there is no distraction, placing an incense, or rose a type of essential oil for the purpose to help relaxation, this method is known as aromatherapy technique, in which the aroma is the cause of achieving relaxation.

These are some of the benefits that we can achieve with yoga by performing basic postures, which can be done from your home.

I know! I am convincing you to practice yoga but it worries you a bit not knowing where to do it or if the tutorials on the Internet will explain step by step the postures.

Do not worry then I will leave you some videos where the Instructor Diana Fernandez of Happy yoga studio will show you some easy postures (Tadasana, Urdhva Hastasana) to be able to get rid of stress and get a good alignment of our body and above all to recharge our energy.

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