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To be a window between the inhabitants of the world and the artisans of Ecuador through which their skill and creativity expressed in each of their crafts will be displayed;

To bring social and economic wealth to all of our artisans by market their products with higher added value.


Become the main outlet for the distribution and marketing of Ecuadorian Handicrafts, domestically as well as internationally, and thus to promote and preserve the ancestral knowledge of the artisans of our country.


A LITTLE HISTORY is a project that was born as the link between the people of all over the world and the humble handcrafters of rural areas of Ecuador. There are many families distributed in poor communities of rural areas in Ecuador where Tagua, Toquilla fiber for Panama Hats and other raw materials for manufacturing handicrafts grow. Families which are eager to access and share with the world the beauty of their work. Families that are eager to get a better way of living and obtain enough economical resources to give a fair education to their sons.

Vercex is now encouraging those families to joint themselves and to create Associations or Cooperatives. By doing this we want to obtain small productive nucleus to make easier the access to Local support and to International’s as well.

This project is sustainable thru time. It helps to give a better life to poor people and the most important thing it is to help to preserve the life of our planet. Unfortunately, Ecuador does not have financial resources with low interest rates to help the achievement of our mission/goal.

If you are interested to support and become a sponsor for this cause or to just support by acquiring a handcraft, please feel free to contact us: