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Photography tips

Below are helpful tips to photograph your beading designs.

Minimum Camera Requirements:

For high resolution photo that will best show your jewelry, we suggest that you use at least a 2 Megapixel digital camera. If a small object is being photographed, you will also need a macro focus function on a digital camera. Consult your camera’s manual.

Minimum Image Size, Minimum Print Size:

If you are using a digital camera, the photo file size should be at least 1800 pixels x 1200 pixels (2 Megapixels).

A Simple Method for Making Great Images:

You will need a white sheet, a contrasting background material or art board, a friend and your camera to make a simple “set” for your beaded creation.

1. Find an area in direct sun.

2. Set your background material or art board on a flat surface.

3. Arrange your entry on the background.

4. Have someone hold the sheet so that it blocks direct sunlight from your bead work.

5. Carefully focus your camera and take the photo. (Please make sure you have your macro funtion on. This mode is commonly designated by a flower symbol on your camera settings menu.)