How is made the Palo Santo incense cones?
Aromatherapy has curative purposes for depression, panic attacks, reduces stress and many more benefits. To make this technique the Palo Santo is the most suitable, due to the contributions that the intense and penetrating aroma provides. Cone incenses are used in this technique because of the smoke that comes... Read more
How is made the Palo Santo incenses sticks?
Palo Santo was born in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, especially in the Puerto Lopez area of Manabi. This tree is known as sacred wood, and serves as a natural freshener. To have that deep aroma you must process the dead wood. The Palo Santo dies alone after... Read more
How is made the Palo Santo essential oil?
The Palo Santo tree inhabits the Ecuadorian coast. It is widely used in folk medicine. Palo Santo essential oils are made without damaging the tree. The tree grows for 40 years and then dies. To obtain the essential oils by distillation, the tree must die by itself and then... Read more
Palo Santo, the sacred wood
Ecuador par excellence is one of the countries which biologically is at the top. Globally it is regarded with enormous biodiversity, because of its mega diversity. This is attributed Ecuadorians we must have the responsibility, compared to the variety of flora and fauna for conservation and wealth. Lucky our... Read more
Chronicle of a Reforestation Plan Palo Santo
Caring nature today, is a guarantee of a better future. Therefore  the team of EcuadorianHands traveled to Jipijapa. The clock read 5:30 am, and we were in the bus station in the city of Manta – Ecuador. From there we left on a bus to our destination. After about... Read more
Yoga, a lifestyle
It is estimated that yoga was born about 5000 years ago. It serves to cultivate inside to find peace and to merge with creation, with divinity. Early indications were found that this practice was in the Indus Valley (now in Pakistan). Through archaeological excavations, they were discovered figures and stone seals... Read more