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  • reforestation_program
    Chronicle of a Reforestation Plan Palo Santo

    Caring nature today, is a guarantee of a better future. Therefore  the team of EcuadorianHands traveled to Jipijapa. The clock read 5:30 am, and we were in the bus station in the city of Manta – Ecuador....

    • Posted octubre 10, 2016
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  • yogaa
    Yoga, a lifestyle

    It is estimated that yoga was born about 5000 years ago. It serves to cultivate inside to find peace and to merge with creation, with divinity. Early indications were found that this practice was in the Indus Valley (now...

    • Posted septiembre 23, 2016
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  • estres
    Stress: mental condition that causes diseases

    Stress is a natural process of the human body. It generates a physiological reaction of the organism. Automatic response to external conditions that are threatening. It affects the nervous system. Disturb the emotional balance of the person....

    • Posted septiembre 9, 2016
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  • aromaterapia-esen
    Aromatherapy and its health benefits

    Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline. Using this technique take advantage the properties of the essential oils. With this is achieved restore balance and harmony of body and mind. Benefits our health and beauty. The Technique of Aromatherapy...

    • Posted septiembre 1, 2016
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  • aceites esenciales 2
    Essential oils: a product with multiple uses

    Essential oils are products which are odoriferous essences from plants. The term Essential Oil also applies to synthetic substances. But one must identify because pure essential oils come from flowers, fruits, tree bark. Essential oils are natural...

    • Posted agosto 31, 2016
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  • yoga_aroma
    The Palo Santo is the cure for various diseases

    The oil extracted from Palo Santo has many benefits. It is excellent for regeneration of bone in osteoporosis treatment. Having this disease increases the risk of fractures. The use of Pure Essential Oil can raise bone density....

    • Posted agosto 10, 2016
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