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Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Linny Cazares

Hi! we are always interested in our comunity of beaders! Recently we sent an interview to some of our past winners of the montly “Tagua Beads giveaway” so they could ... Continue Reading →

Ten truths about Tagua (vegetable ivory)

Tagua is the seed of the palm tree Phitelephas Aequatorialis, a native species that grows wild in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, specifically in the Manabí Province. This ... Continue Reading →

By The Sea Necklace, a design of Manola Maria. Tagua Beads Giveaway April 2013

  Hello there, WE are starting to receive designs for our tagua beads giveaway. This is a new participant from Greece for our April 2013 contest. Her name is Manola Maria. ... Continue Reading →

Zero tolerance for hunting of elephants in Gabon

More than 1,200 ivory tusks were publicly burned as a sign of the struggle that is taking place Gabon poaching of elephants. On the initiative of President of Gabon, Ali Bongo ... Continue Reading →

Give flirty beaded keychains tagua for Children’s Day

THE BEADS OF AN EXCELLENT CHOICE TAGUA Although no date or day only to celebrate small and darlings of the house, the first of June in various parts of the world ... Continue Reading →

The tagua a palm that becomes a “jewel”

Known for its importance for biodiversity to be considered part of the lung of humanity, the rainforest can be a source of income for some of the thousands of Ecuadorians in search ... Continue Reading →

Tagua beaded jewelry, the perfect gift for fashion Moms

The day is coming for the home queen and still do not know what to gift?  As an option try  beaded jewelry made with tagua beads. The Mother’s Day is a traditional celebration, ... Continue Reading →

Tagua accessories, fashion spreading in Latin America

The beautful and natural resources of Ecuador are unlimited. It is also the ingenuity of Ecuadorians who use their imagination to create wonderful things using all natural resources ... Continue Reading →

What do they have in common African elephants and the rainforests of South America?

The answer is very simple, and not only is that both are being eliminated from the face of the earth at an alarming rate. In recent years the industrial and economic development ... Continue Reading →

Tagua jewelery in Manta Wedding Expo 2012

The Howard Johnson is home of Manta Wedding Expo 2012,. Among the items that are on display for today’s brides we highlight the jewelry that are made ​​with tagua beads. Continue Reading →