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  • Tagua Beads, Interview to Giveaway’s Winner – Linny Cazares

    Hi! we are always interested in our comunity of beaders! Recently we sent an interview to some of our past winners of the montly “Tagua Beads giveaway” so they could share what they did with their prize,...

    • Posted July 11, 2014
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  • Ten truths about Tagua (vegetable ivory)

    Tagua is the seed of the palm tree Phitelephas Aequatorialis, a native species that grows wild in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador, specifically in the Manabí Province. This natural product is widely known as “vegetable ivory” for...

    • Posted June 17, 2013
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  • Zero tolerance for hunting of elephants in Gabon

    More than 1,200 ivory tusks were publicly burned as a sign of the struggle that is taking place Gabon poaching of elephants. On the initiative of President of Gabon, Ali Bongo a huge pyre was lit in...

    • Posted June 28, 2012
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  • What do they have in common African elephants and the rainforests of South America?

    The answer is very simple, and not only is that both are being eliminated from the face of the earth at an alarming rate. In recent years the industrial and economic development worldwide is threatening our ecosystems...

    • Posted May 7, 2012
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  • Project for beginners: “Harmony” necklace with tagua beads

    It is easy to make this necklace. It’s linear design. You just need to place the tagua beads one after another without further complications. Materials: – Leather cord of the following measures: 55cm for the long turn, and 50cm for the small. Also 30cm for...

    • Posted April 27, 2012
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  • Jungle II: Necklace and earrings with exotic ivory tagua

    Friday creative a good choice. Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of woven leather, silver spacers, a special nugget,chips, eggs and vegetable ivory (tagua).  The tagua beads give a tremendous facility to develop jewelry and wear it a beautiful choice.

    • Posted April 20, 2012
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