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Friday creative a good choice. Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of woven leather, silver spacers, a special nugget,chips, eggs and vegetable ivory (tagua).  The tagua beads give a tremendous facility to develop jewelry and wear it a beautiful choice. Read more
Tagua beads come in many shapes and forms. You can add them to any item of your accessories: earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces. For example in this bracelet of; Can vary with these tagua beads, making it a natural design, simple and elegant: • Pearl Earring 15mm Tagua Beads (14 unit) PREMIUM • Pearls 7mm Tagua Beads (100 units) PREMIUM • Heart Beads 20mm Tagua (10 unit) PREMIUM And by using these elements you’ll be supporting the environment while wearing in. Read more
For fashion is not adhering to the special occasion that you live here are some practical tips so that radiant look without losing its style. You must first define what we use in the day and at night: For a day activity considering the luminosity is very convenient to use more demure accessories, which does not necessarily mean less sophisticated, if your style calls for it. Let’s see, if you work in an office where you formality required to be modest, you can choose a ring or a pair... Read more
Appropriate casual bracelet for the day, made ​​of elastic nylon, tagua beads: tagua nuts, pipes beads,  diamond beads and silver spacers. Learn how to produce it in a matter of minutes, colors vary according to your taste. It is very simple and economic, see the video showing its making. Read more
Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of leather, marbled slice of tagua, and irregular pieces of exotic ivory, vegetable ivory (Tagua). This necklace has the distinction of being two laps, is simple, but striking in view of the type used tagua beads and clothing. materials 1. marbled slice 2. irregular sheets 3. Leather Cord 4.end hooks Read more
A combination that combines the natural with the beauty. Skillfully handmade to look elegant using materials that help to preserve the environment and add value to products designed with effort born of the mother earth. Change a wrist exposed on the web ( by adding the feature that gives... Read more

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