Project for beginners: “Harmony” necklace with tagua beads

It is easy to make this necklace. It’s linear design. You just need to place the tagua beads one after another without further complications. Materials: – Leather ... Continue Reading →

The eco ivory tagua would stop killing of elephants

Since 1990 is totally prohibited hunting elephants in all African countries. However, there are  still 70,000 killings annually removing the tusks: less than 1,000 tons of ivory. Many ... Continue Reading →

King of Spain underwent surgery after hunting elephants… What about the elephants?

Many lament the hip operation which had to undergo the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, after an accident while hunting elephants in Africa. Others such as the general secretary ... Continue Reading →

Jungle II: Necklace and earrings with exotic ivory tagua

Friday creative a good choice. Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of woven leather, silver spacers, a special nugget,chips, eggs and vegetable ivory (tagua). ... Continue Reading →

Express yourself by using the natural touch tagua beads give to your normal accessories

Tagua beads come in many shapes and forms. You can add them to any item of your accessories: earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces. For example in this bracelet of; Can vary with ... Continue Reading →

You look great and be fitting it with tagua

For fashion is not adhering to the special occasion that you live here are some practical tips so that radiant look without losing its style. You must first define ... Continue Reading →

A casual bracelet, accessory for an elegant suit. Go tagua, the eco ivory

Appropriate casual bracelet for the day, made ​​of elastic nylon, tagua beads: tagua nuts, pipes beads, prism beads, eggs beads, diamond beads and silver spacers. Learn ... Continue Reading →

The expected creation Friday brings the necklace and earrings Pear with exotic ivory tagua

Necklace and earrings casual for day and night, made ​​of leather, marbled slice of tagua, and irregular pieces of exotic ivory, vegetable ivory (Tagua). This ... Continue Reading →

A perfect combination, tagua beads and leather

A combination that combines the natural with the beauty. Skillfully handmade to look elegant using materials that help to preserve the environment and add value to products designed ... Continue Reading →

Make a cool bracelet with one type of tagua beads, eco friendly. Instructional video

We encourage you to develop in less than five minutes a casual bracelet with tagua beads. The video tells you how to adapt a single bead. It is economic, natural and ... Continue Reading →