Pile, the parish of the finest hat in the world
Ecuador is a country full of traditions. Pile is a parish of Montecristi and there are woven the hats finest world. His name is Montecristi Hat that are mistakenly known as Panama Hat. In 2012 UNESCO declared the art of weaving as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The residents do... Read more
Skilful artisans of Genuine Panama Hats
The quality of hats can vary: the type of tissue that make the artisan, the fineness of the same tissue, the color uniformity of the strip and the same hat. Olivia Mera is mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and artisan she have 46 years old, it takes 22 years... Read more
Beautiful land of my dreams … so begins the song which has the same name as this province, thus Manabi in Ecuador. Undoubtedly, those who are born in this land of fighters and visionaries feel the native pride in its historical legacy as well as the customs; traditions and... Read more
Hello Dear Readers, I’ve been asked by many of you to post information about the materials used in all the products sold at EcuadorianHands.com, plus info about the process to manufacturing them. I will try to do so, little by little. Please have a little patience 🙂 Researching  I... Read more
There is no excuse now: Free Shipping to anywhere in the world! Get you dreamed Genuine Panama Hat,Handwoven by ecuadorian skilled weavers. We carry all sizes and models.  If you have any inquiry, please email me fverac@gmail.com – We provide an excellent customer service. You will be very satisfied as all our customers. Read their comments... Read more
Between 1880 and 1881 the French engineer Fernando Lesseps undertook the construction of the Panama Canal, to link the Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean. It was November 1906. The then U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt was photographed, while maneuvering the controls of a giant steam shovel, while inspecting the construction... Read more