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Palo Santo, the sacred wood
Ecuador par excellence is one of the countries which biologically is at the top. Globally it is regarded with enormous biodiversity, because of its mega diversity. This is attributed Ecuadorians we must have the responsibility, compared to the variety of flora and fauna for conservation and wealth. Lucky our... Read more
Kodama: Tree Spirit
The Kodamas are mythical spirits of Japan, dwellers of dense forests. They usually have a human appearance and each individual is unique in appearance and personality. It’s said that they can come along in non-human forms, and can appear as beautiful or terrible as they want. In most cases,... Read more
Sacred trees in Japan
According to the Shinto religion , there are many gods that can be found in nature, in many Japanese temples there are often seen sacred trees in which people believe a God lives in each, surrounded by shimenawa (“enclosing rope” a space surrounded for this type of rope is... Read more
Recently it was discovered that a pair of orcas deaths at the SeaWorld theme parks could be attributed to mosquitoes. although it may seem unbelieveable that these little creatures could end the life of the so-called killer whales, known for their intelligence and ferocity when hunting, it was found... Read more
Unlike other species, with palo santo, deforestation is unnecessary, the tree should fall on their own in order to extract the essential oil which is used in aromatherapy. The wood that falls is what allows EcuadorianHands to distill products. A percentage of the earnings of  these products are destined for... Read more
Countless benefits, that’s what gives us the Palo Santo. The Healing Tree captivated the Spanish during the conquest of the Americas and even today, four hundred years later, keeps dazzling us. As incredible as it may sound, all parts of the tree are used in one way or another,... Read more

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