Kodama: Tree Spirit

Share The Kodamas are mythical spirits of Japan, dwellers of dense forests. They usually have a human appearance and each individual is unique in appearance and personality. It’s ... Continue Reading →

Sacred trees in Japan

ShareAccording to the Shinto religion , there are many gods that can be found in nature, in many Japanese temples there are often seen sacred trees in which people believe a God lives ... Continue Reading →

Mosquitoes responsible for orca deaths

ShareRecently it was discovered that a pair of orcas deaths at the SeaWorld theme parks could be attributed to mosquitoes. although it may seem unbelieveable that these little creatures ... Continue Reading →

With Palo Santo we all win! Learn about our reforestation program

ShareUnlike other species, with palo santo, deforestation is unnecessary, the tree should fall on their own in order to extract the essential oil which is used in aromatherapy. The ... Continue Reading →

Composition and properties of the Palo Santo

Share Countless benefits, that’s what gives us the Palo Santo. The Healing Tree captivated the Spanish during the conquest of the Americas and even today, four hundred years later, ... Continue Reading →

Palo santo, oils and incense that heal

ShareThe Palo Santo “Bursera graveolens” is medicinal. Its essential oil is used to heal skin wounds and a decoction of the bark to treat stomach ailments. It is also ... Continue Reading →