Beaded Jewelry Necklaces and Earrings - Handmade Eco Ivory Tagua (JC003-I)

These bundles of tagua jewelry are designed to be of high quality and economic at the same time (price per jewelry set is between $8-13 ea.).

Minimum Order Quantity: 6 units

Fast delivery, Production lead-time can be 7-10 days

Colors of the jewelry ship assorted depending on availability.

Nevertheless, we can accept that you want the 6 or 12 designs to be red, blue, yellow, etc. We will ship what is available based on your criteria. Put your comments in the "Product Customization Tab" below.

You will LOVE our eco-ivory tagua jewelry designs. Product of Ecuador

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Please remember:

  • Tagua is the fruit of a plant.
  • We are elephant friendly.
  • The product you will receive is 100% natural, ecological and HANDMADE.

We deliver to anywhere in the world

For more information check our Shipping and Return Politicy

To know the shipping price to your country, please click the button "Add to Cart" and use the checkout option. If you accept it, please place your order and we would ship it in a few days.

About Tagua

The origin of a beautiful and exotic piece of work: Tagua Beads!

You might ask what is Exotic Ivory? Well, let me tell you that in tropical and humid mountains of Ecuador there is a singular plant called Tagua, also called exotic ivory or vegetable ivory too. Wait a minute...! A tree plant called vegetable ivory!? Is that possible? Well, to give you an scientific explanation: Tagua because of its morphology looks like palms, but is not a botanically palmácea but belongs to the Ciclantáceas family.

Its scientific name is Phytelephas Aequatorialis. Etymologically from the Greek PhytelephasPhyton = plant and Elephas = ivory, ie plant ivory or vegetable ivory, or Tagua or Exotic Ivory. Wow, so many names for a palm tree:). 

Tagua is remarkably similar to animal ivory in both looks and feel. Tagua is durable and easily carved, and it even mimics the porosity of animal ivory. The biggest difference: Elephant do not have to die.

tagua 2 tagua beads  

(Did you know that previously turning into hard-rock eco ivory, tagua is a fruit that you can actually eat? Taste like coco.)

Well, I don't pretent to bore you, so let's skip this and go to the interesting part. The true is that this material is hard and looks like animal ivory, and it is completely natural. Therefore, we have ivory, but elephants don't have to die. How cool is that, ah?

Tagua is so versatile that we can use it to manufacture decorative figurines, buttons for the fashion industry, and also beads for jewelry making, which is very suitable for women in different countries of the world.

Fair Trade?

Fair Trade? To our Ecofriendly Beading Community

People always ask us whether the beads are fair trade. Not only do our customers ask this, some have turned up to inspect our factory! To be honest, we not know much about the trading within the rain forest areas as it is informal and not yet regulated. For an idea: " A family gathers 2 pounds of nuts, gets a boat across the river, gets to the town and sell it to local merchants." From that point though, trading is traceable. We pay a fair price and treat our workers fairly.

Please keep in mind that using ecofriendly beads we are helping to foster protect the world. Keep on beading! Cheers!

This is an open invitation to all the people that have been supporting this project and acquiring eco-ivory tagua beads from our beads store, and to who hasn’t yet too, to share and spread the word of Ecofriendly Beading. I really believe sharing is a key factor for spreading a message and I am sure everybody involved in the ecofriendly bead movement will be benefited, starting from our mother earth, the rain forest, collectors of the nuts, farmers, traders and beaders. Little actions make huge improvements .

Therefore, if you identified yourself with the Ecofriendly movement, if you have enjoyed shopping with us at and would like to spread the word, please link to us. Linking to us from your blog or other website is easy! Simply copy the HTML code  below and paste to your website.We offer 2 options:

OPTION 1.- If you would like to simply put a text link on your site, select the line of the red HTML code:

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OPTION 2.- If you like any to place any of these banners on your site, select the line of the HTML code:

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