Yoga, the secret of footballers

Yoga, the secret of footballers

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is approaching, and footballers are already preparing to play on huge courts, and their fans are encouraging them in chorus. But before that the players must be prepared physically and psychologically, for which many of them have chosen yoga to concentrate on the courts.

Yoga is a universal discipline that is spreading in several areas, especially those that have to do with physical and mental health, in this case we will talk about how this discipline is committed to football.

Yoga classes are the secret soul for many recognized soccer players. Next we will make a list of the soccer fan yogis:

Mauro Dos Santos. Argentine footballer, plays as a central defender in the Leganés team. He affirms that yoga is a practice that has changed his mentality, has brought him a lot of tranquility, self-control and strengthening in all types of injuries. He practices yoga with his wife and they like to share their exercises on social networks.

Ryan Giggs. He is a legendary Manchester United player. He is the new coach of the Wales team. He says that yoga helped prolong his career at the top. Giggs says he always suffered from injuries to his body and tried everything from changing his bed and his car to a better position; until he got involved in yoga, this helped him get another 10 years of his career. He says that when he played on the courts, yoga helped him train every day because it gave him the flexibility and strength to play.

David Silva. He is a Spanish footballer who plays for Manchester City. He uses yoga to do it fast enough for team matches. Silva says that at first he found it difficult, but with practice he was already picking up the pace. At first he was not in the correct physical form, but yoga helped him to sharpen.

Gareth Bale. He is a Welsh footballer who plays as a midfielder at Real Madrid. He started practicing yoga to get more flexibility when kicking the ball; Many of his followers are surprised to see how high he can stretch his hamstring muscles to give a great goal.

Per Mertesacker. He is a German footballer who plays as a central defender in Arsenal FC. The player revealed that yoga is one of his methods of relaxation, which helps him a lot physically and mentally. He also practices it for the recovery of his physical state, that is to strengthen his body.

Antonio valencia. He is an Ecuadorian footballer who also practices yoga and affirms that it helps him to have better flexibility, elasticity, resistance and helps him to relax. He says that soccer and yoga complement each other perfectly.

Apart from these players who practice yoga individually, there are also football selections that have included a yoga routine to their training programs, for example the German team, four times champion of the world cup.

Patrick Broome, was the only yoga teacher of a national team present at the World Cup in Brazil. Around 12 years this man who exceeds 40 years of age follows Germany in all the big dates. His yoga poses for beginners aim to improve the concentration and results of the players in the field.

Broome in an interview for FIFA 2016 said that the victory obtained in 2014 by the German team is largely due to the constant practice of yoga among the players.

The technicians affirm that this ancestral Indian discipline helps to have more friendship and brotherhood among the players. They also say that thanks to this science of well-being, they can overcome pressure more quickly after a big game.

Yoga positions help prepare for competition, be more focused, accelerate the pace on the court and also recover faster from fatigue. Its a torrent of vitality and balance that harmonizes and maintains the locomotor system in perfect condition.

In addition, practicing yoga helps to withstand the pressure of the public, overcome anxiety and fear, develop greater resistance, flexibility, power, speed and have an appropriate attitude to each situation.

Yoga is fashionable and there are many athletes who practice it every day. If you are new to this, do not worry, there is also yoga for beginners, where you can follow each post step by step without compromising the sensitive parts of your body.

There are also many sports yogis who focus on meditation, which is a method of mental training, self-development, elevation of the senses and consciousness, and connection between the soul and the body. In short, yoga and meditation are of great help for elite athletes.

What other elite athletes do you know who practice yoga? Leave us your comment.


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