Most frequent types of travelers. With which one do you identify?

Most frequent types of travelers. With which one do you identify?

Are you one of the people that you like to know different Ecuador destinations? Do you like to travel and travel around the country knowing new cultures, traditions, gastronomy, customs and emblematic places? You are one of the people that likes to travel the country of the four worlds but do not know what type of traveler you are?

Dont worry anymore, below I will show you a list of the types of travelers for this 2018 based on tourism in Ecuador. The list is extensive, but I will list the 6 main ones:

The internecaholic or internet addicts

These people always load a cell phone with internet to navigate where they are and upload photos and videos to their social networks, especially Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. This type of traveler will always label the places and people with whom he / she goes. It will also put the location where you take the photos.

This traveler will always have documented trips with his family. And of course you will have many interactions such as comments and "I like" in your publications. Also this type of traveler has no problem traveling alone, so he asks the people around to take pictures.

If you are of this type of traveler it's necessary that you carry on hand, in addition to your cell phone, a portable charger, headphones, an extra memory card and the desire to take photographs.

The foodies or food addicts

These people always look for gastronomic routes that have typical or emblematic dishes of the area. They like to taste each dessert, main course or drink and then recommend their friends through social networks.

This type of traveler uses social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest to upload photos of the most exquisite typical dishes and recommend restaurants, farms, traditional markets, the agachaditos or any other place where there is gastronomic wealth.

If you are of this type of traveler its necessary that you go on an empty stomach, predisposed to get fat on your vacations and to try foods that will leave you fascinated. Now you want to taste the world!

The business travelers or working travelers

These people complement the work with the trips, that is to say that they kill two birds with one stone. They like to always charge their laptop and pen drive wherever they go. They also like to go to quieter places such as museums, parks, recognized churches, theaters and places of easy transfer.

This type of traveler stays in high quality hotels and they like to enjoy the hotel services, that is to say the spa, swimming pool, sauna, and walks in the mornings. In addition, this traveler takes care of his food wherever he goes.

If you are of this type of traveler it is necessary that you take your laptop with you and look for references of the most emblematic and recognized places that you can visit during your stay.

The eco friendly travelers

These people realize the environmental damage that exists in the different areas they visit. They also implement good environmental practices in the tourism sector such as not throwing garbage or food waste in forests, not damaging flora and fauna, etc.

These types of travelers choose to hike in forests, lagoons, trails, and mountains. They usually eat organic foods to preserve the environment, and always have great knowledge about the places they visit. They usually carry binoculars and tents to camp.

If you are of this type of traveler its necessary that you carry in your suitcase water, binoculars, hat, and a compass just in case you miss. Enjoy, appreciate, respect and study responsible tourism.

The luxury or travelers spenders

These people always opt for the best, no matter how expensive it may be. They like to go to the best hotels, the best cities, and the best places of entertainment where there is a variety of drinks to enjoy all night.

These types of travelers choose to go to casinos, luxury spas and exclusive places where they can order the food they like and take it to where they are. In addition, this traveler always goes shopping in order to feel relaxed and pampered during his trip.

If you are of this type of travelers it s necessary that you take a lot, but a lot of money to your vacations. This money in addition to providing you with the luxuries you deserve will also give you an unforgettable experience.

The adventurous travelers

These people are never afraid of anything and try new things without fear of getting lost. They like extreme sports such as parachuting, mountaineering, canopy, bungee jumping, etc. They also like to meet new people from other cultures.

These travelers choose to go to places such as mountains, trails or beaches where they can practice extreme sports. Usually they only carry a backpack with the essentials, and they also carry a GoPro, a MonoPod and their cell phones to record the moment of action.

If you are of this type of travelers it's necessary that you lose the fear of everything and let go of the adventure. Are you targeting a bombing?

With this list of types of travelers, it's time to choose what type you are. Each person is a world, that is, each traveler experiences in a different way. Dont stay at home without going on a trip. You enjoy the tourist destinations and the Ecuadorian products that this wonderful country offers you.

Age, gender and nationality do not imitate the desire to travel and travel the world. Ecuador Travel and discover what type of traveler you are with the different regions you can visit: Costa, Sierra, Amazon and Galapagos. Be free and live new experiences!

What other kind of traveler do you know? Leave us your comment.



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