Why visit Mindo?

Why visit Mindo?

Ecuador has many tourist places where you can go to enjoy with family, couple or friends. Undoubtedly there are 4 regions to visit: Costa, Sierra, Amazon and Galapagos, and for this reason its called the country of the four worlds.

However, each region has its tourist destinations. In the Sierra for example we find great mountains, waterfalls, forests, parks, museums and cultural centers to have a unique experience. As regards forests there is a variety, in this case we will talk a little about Mindo.

The cloud forest of Mindo Nambillo is one of the most emblematic places in South America for bird watching, there are about 465 species of birds. It belongs to the San Miguel de los Bancos Canton, and is 84km from the center of Quito. It has a humid tropical climate and its temperature varies regularly with altitude, falling 6 degrees for every 100 meters of altitude.

In your vacations in Ecuador its necessary to visit Mindo because it has aquatic attractions that include waterfalls and rivers, land attractions that include forests and valleys, and attractive flora and fauna that includes native species. In each of these attractions you can do different activities.

In the aquatic attractions you can do swimming, boating, rafting with boats and tubes, , toboggan jumps, rappelling, waterfall jumping, etc.

In the land attractions you can do camping, canopy, horseback riding, and hiking that leads to the butterfly, in this tour you can see the typical vegetation of the site, also in the butterfly you can see about 300 species.

Here we can enjoy adventure activities or extreme fun. All these activities are done under the supervision of expert guides, so you should not be afraid of anything, just throw yourself into the adventure! You can also do calmer activities for people who do not like the extreme.

Mindo is a good place to carry out ecotourism or responsible tourism, due to the amazing bio-diversity ecosystem there is, full of native flora and fauna. In addition there are natural attractions. Its necessary to promote environmental education and forest protection.

In the streets of the Mindo parish, we can find the residents selling handicrafts, among them chalas, ashtrays, key chains made with bamboo cane, figures made of tagua and other Ecuadorian products.

In this tour of Mindo, we recommend that you bring comfortable walking shoes, bathing suit, insect repellent, and the desire to know this beautiful place! Remember that most tours include transportation and guides.

Ecuador Travel  and get to know the natural and sustainable tourism destinations that it offers. You will take an unforgettable experience that you can tell in each meeting. Surely the others to listen, will want to visit Mindo!

The next holiday is a unique opportunity to get to know the different Ecuadorian destinations and enjoy it to the fullest! There is no reason not to enjoy the wonders of Mindo!

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