Benefits of doing yoga as a couple

Benefits of doing yoga as a couple

Yoga is practiced by many people of all ages. Its practiced for therapeutic, emotional or physical health purposes, and is also practiced for fun. Its also necessary to mention that this activity requires concentration and dedication when practicing it.

Yoga for beginners requires basic asanas that can be performed correctly without harming any part of the body. Many say that yoga is a fashionable sport, but its not like that! Yoga is an activity that helps you physically and psychologically, and also contributes to your relationships.

Yoga means union, but we are not referring simply to the union of your body with your mind, but to the union or bonds that are formed with the other people who also practice it, in this case your partner! This means that yoga helps you to understand yourself better and build a relationship based on practice.

There are ways in which yoga as a couple improves the relationship. Next we name them.

Accept the differences. Its true that all couples argue and often do not reach an agreement for their different tastes, but when they practice yoga at home, they are focused on doing something together and being relaxed.

While doing the yoga asanas, they leave their differences aside and focus on something positive. There is no time to argue for different ideas on a topic, simply accept the opinion of the other. This way your relationship will improve.

Physical contact. In the couple yoga there are positions that require contact with the other person, this is a good activity for the other person to feel that he is at his side and that he is transmitting affection.

The emotional function of contact is when you practice yoga postures with someone you love, in this case with your partner. These postures help to be in physical and emotional contact with your partner, and also you both feel in love of the other. This personal connection causes a decrease in pain due to physical contact in the postures.

Improves communication. When we accept differences and there is physical contact in the couple, verbal and non-verbal communication improves. It is time to forget the bad, and communicate to be more united as a couple.

In yoga postures there is more non-verbal communication, that is, looks, gestures, and the way of saying the words and taking the other person. Communication with a partner is a key to success in love.

Increase understanding. When communication exists there will be better understanding, because through verbal communication we can know what our partner says, and with nonverbal communication we know what they think.

At the moment that yoga is practiced as a couple, we are already understanding and accepting the tastes of the other person. To understand your partner, its necessary to put yourself in their shoes, and there is no better way to do that than going to yoga classes together. The basis of compression is acceptance, activate it in your relationship.

Encourage confidence. Every time you do a basic yoga posture depends on both of you, you have to trust that the other will do your part the best, and fulfill you with yours. There are asanas that are very complicated and can only be done by giving your absolute confidence in the other person.

If both of you put your part in yoga classes there will be absolute confidence, and it will provide reassurance, clamor, satisfaction and safety when doing an asana. Trust is an essential characteristic in a successful relationship.

Teamwork. When a couple's position is made, the effort of the two is required, they do not do their individual work, but both help each other. Teamwork is done especially in those positions that are balanced, or in which you have to rely on the other.

When we do something as a team, time is valued together. Practicing yoga as a couple means that day by day they are committed to advancing in the levels of postures. Each relationship is a universe, and working together is success.

I hope that these ways in which yoga improves your relationship, encourage you to practice yoga with your partner. Thanks to this discipline, relationships are strengthened as a couple and they get more communication, patience and affection between them. Namaste.

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