Tips for practicing aromatherapy at home

Tips for practicing aromatherapy at home

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that has been practiced empirically for many years. At present aromatherapy has taken more seriousness, becoming a therapeutic treatment focused on the use of natural or essential oils that are extracted from plants, flowers, herbs or trees, with the aim of improving health and well-being in general through smells and the stimulation of the senses.

Now I will show you some tricks that you can do at home and practice aromatherapy. In addition you will remove the bad energy and bad odors from your home.

  • Home freshener

This freshener is very easy to do, also can be used to give away. To make this air freshener we will only use 3 easy-to-get ingredients:

Essential oil of your liking, I will use an essential oil of palo santo because it helps me to relax and eliminate stress.  A jar with a lid and bicarbonate, in case you can not get baking soda you can use some raw rice.

Its preparation is simple, you just have to put the bicarbonate or rice in the jar, Place about 15 drops of the essential oil and remember to mix well with a stick or rod, once it is mixed, cover it and go.

I use this air freshener when I go to sleep, or I am very stressed, its aroma helps me to relax and recover my energies.

  • Aromatic candles

I recommend this trick, it is easy to do, I use it to eliminate bad smells from my home and when taking a shower with the soothing soaps of Palo Santo.

The materials that we will use are the following:

A crystal glass, wick for candles, if you do not know where to buy these wicks, you can buy candles without aroma, and carefully take out the wick, we will also use paraffin or the wax that you got when you took out the wick. And finally an essential oil of your liking.

Its preparation is simple. In the glass we place the wick attached to a rod so that it does not move, then melt the wax, you can do it in the microwave or on the stove, once it is completely liquid, we will place the essential oil, I mixed 10 drops of essential oil of mint and 10 drops of essential oil of palo santo.

We let it harden and ready. You can decorate the glass and give it away.

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  • Air fresheners for cars

In winter my car grabs odors due to moisture. I used to buy the cardboard air fresheners with the smell of pine and apple, and smell was finished quickly.

To make this air freshener we will use the following: wooden clip and an essential oil.

For its preparation, you will do the following: You will take the clamp and place 3 drops of essential oil of your preference, then make sure to pin it on the air conditioning grilles, in seconds the bad smells of your car will disappear.

If you do not have a pincer, you can make a doll of fabric, for this you will only use fabric and a little rice. In the middle of the cloth, place the rice and 5 drops of essential oil, make a small ball, it will remain as a kind of ghost, put in the air conditioning and ready.

  • Spray air freshener

This type of air freshener is the most common. You will say why not buy one in a can?

The can air fresheners are made with chemicals, the air freshener that we will make today is made in a natural way that will help you improve your health and eliminate the bad smells of your home.

The ingredients to make this freshener are:  a spray bottle, an essential oil of your taste, 5ml of ethyl alcohol, and 20ml of distilled water.

If you do not know where to get the distilled water, do the following.  Place water in a pot and let it simmer with a lid, when the water boils, it generates steam, the steam will stay in the lid of the pot transforming into distilled water, You take the lid and put that water in a container.

To prepare it, place only 25 drops of the essential oil in the bottle with the 20ml of distilled water and the 5ml of alcohol, mix well and ready.

If your air freshener needs an aroma, add a little more essential oil.

Aromatherapy practice 30 minutes a day and see how your fatigue and discomfort, will be less frequent. Remember that you can also use these essential oils to perform relaxing massages and relieve those body pains.

If you decide to do one of these options, remember to take pictures and tag us on our social networks.

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