5 Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

5 Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

The fine toquilla straw hats are made by hand in Ecuador. This accessory is gaining strength every day in the world of fashion, being used by young people and adults, by people from the countryside and the city.

Many tourists who visit Ecuador acquire this craft with the aim of immortalizing their visit. If you have a straw hat and you want to extend the time of use and keep it as new, pay attention to the following tips.

Remember that the true toquilla straw hats are made with natural straw, for this reason their care is special.

  • Where to keep our straw hat?

We all wonder, what is the ideal place to store our straw hat and prevent it from getting damaged?

The place can be any, the most important is the climate where the hat is. If your hat is in a dry climate, you have to check it frequently, dry weather can stiffen the straw, causing it to break.

To avoid this you can moisten it with steam, put a pot of water to boil, when the water is boiling it will vote steam, That's when you put your hat on top of the pot, managing to moisten it and the hat will gain flexibility.

Straw Hats are not stored in humid climates. Straw being a natural product, when it is found in a damp place, it can rot or mold may appear.

  • What to do if your straw hat gets wet?

Try to avoid getting your straw hat wet. Remember that moisture can cause the straw to rot.

Straw hats are not impervious to rain, prevents it getting wet because the straw can swell and the hat can be deformed.

If one day your hat gets wet, do not make the mistake of placing it on a direct heat source or drying it with a blow dryer, this can dry the straw and make it brittle.

If your hat gets wet what you should do is the following. Take a clean cloth, try to absorb the water from the hat, and then let it dry naturally, without using hair dryers or heating.

  • What is the right way to grab our straw hat?

If you are a person who frequently use your straw hat, but you are noticing that each day loses its form, This may be due to the way you grab it.

When you put on and take off your hat, try to grab it by the wings and avoid grabbing it or bending it from the front, This area is the most delicate and with the passage of time if you are not careful the straw can break.

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  • What to do if your straw hat has lost its shape?

If your straw hat has lost its shape do not throw it away, recover its shape is very easy.

To give the crown shape, you just need to boil water in a pot, once the water is boiling, place the crown in the steam and with your hands helps to shape it.

To shape the wings, you only need a flat iron and a slightly wet cloth or handkerchief. Place the handkerchief on the wings of the hat and with medium temperature begin to iron the wings, Be careful because direct contact between both can damage your hat.

  • How to clean our straw hat?

If by mistake or neglect your toquilla straw hat is stained, do not be afraid this little problem has a solution.

What we are going to use is only a clean cloth and a little mild soap, if it is baby soap, much better, what we will do is gently rub the hat with a damp cloth and soap until the stain is removed, Once the stain has been removed, clean it with a clean, slightly damp cloth.

If you want to keep your hat clean and dust it off, just use a dry cloth or sponge and gently sweep it over your hat.

I hope these tips will help you, and you can wear your straw hat for a long time. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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  • Nancy

    Nancy 05/05/2019 Reply

    I agree with Steve, it was a very good information. Thanks.
  • Adriana Garabalino

    Adriana Garabalino 04/01/2019 Reply

    estimados, tengo un hermoso sombrero, que compré en la ciudad de puerto Viejo; pero se tiñò (por guardarlo junto con otros sombreros) de un color medio naranja por partes.
    Mi consulta es la siguiente, se puede teñir para unificar el color?
    Ya le pasè jabòn de bebè y no tuve èxito. Me entristece tener que desechar el hermoso sombrero.
    Me queda la esperanza que ustedes puedan darme alguna soluciòn.
    Desde ya muchas gracias y quedo al aguardo de sus comentarios.
    Saludos Adriana Garabalino
    Neuquèn- Patagonia Argentina
  • Mary Lynne Wood

    Mary Lynne Wood 01/29/2019 Reply

    Help, my husband has a montecristi hat, but never wore it. It was folded in the rectangular box that it came in when he bought it. The box was on the floor when rain came in a few days ago and soaked the floor, getting the box soaked and therefore parts of the hat. I just discovered this and the hat is still wet. The wet part looks a little tan because of this. We lived in a very dry climate (Andes) and I can let the hat dry naturally out of the sun as recommended above. However, I am wondering if it will dry with a "ring" at the edge of the dampness. Should I soak the entire hat in hot water?Thank you.
  •  Steve

    Steve 09/21/2018 Reply

    thank for that, very useful. I was wondering what to do to prevent it from drying out but I guess, the light water spray is the answer...

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