Fernando Alonso and other celebrities who fell in love with the Panama Hats.

Fernando Alonso and other celebrities who fell in love with the Panama Hats.

In Ecuador, the finest straw hats in the world are woven. These hats, are becoming more popular in the world of fashion. Panama Hats, Jipijapa Hats, Montecristi Hats, are the names that are attributed to this craft.

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Politicians, athletes, film actors and important people in the world of entertainment have worn a straw hat.

A few days ago Ecuador received the news, that Fernando Alonso pilot of the formula 1, has ordered a fine straw hat that will cost him $ 17,000.

The craftsman in charge of the manufacture of this hat is Kleider Pachay, which has six months to weave a fine hat that will go to the head of the Formula One driver Fernando Alonso.

Kleider will charge $ 4,000 for the toquilla straw hat.  He explains that generally ordinary straw hats have 14 weave and are those that can be purchased up to $ 100.

But Kleider says that this hat is one of the finest, will have 46 strands, which means that in one inch (2 centimeters and a half) fit 46 strands of stra, Kleider compares the weave of the hat with the polishing of a diamond.

As the Formula 1 driver (Alonso), there are also several celebrities who have used this incredible craftsmanship, giving a touch of elegance to your outfit.

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Among the celebrities who have worn straw hats, is the renowned actor Johnny Depp. Since the beginning of Depp, it has been known that he likes to complement his clothing, considering the straw hat as a unique accessory.

Another famous, is the king of pop Michael Jackson, who wore a real straw hat in the Smooth Criminal video clip.

One of the famous juveniles who has used straw hats, is the actress of the fifth wave, Chloe Grace Moretz , who believes that the versatility of this accessory can turn a casual outfit into a sophisticated outfit.

Just like them, they are also: Madonna, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lopez, and even Pope Benedict XVI.

These hats have also caused a furor in royalty to the point that Prince Charles of England has on several occasions complemented his clothing with this hand-made crown.

And you, you dare to wear this crafts. Tell us in the comments, what do you think of straw hat, and what clothes would you use it with?

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