Yoga beer, the new fashion of drinking beer while exercising

Yoga beer, the new fashion of drinking beer while exercising

You are a yoga lover but you also like beer, you are in the right place. Yoga is known as a millennial physical and mental discipline, which is associated with meditation and relaxation, offering mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

Within yoga there are several styles, acrobatic yoga, yoga in pairs, and now it has become popular, yoga beer.

Yoga beer, was born in Berlin, Germany. However, it quickly reached other countries such as Thailand and Australia and continues to expand.

Yoga beer is different from conventional yoga. Although in both of them it is about making or executing positions, in the yoga beer it changes a bit, at the moment of making a posture, you drink beer.

It is believed that beer helps to relax the body, faster and positions are easier to make. In Ecuador there are several schools of yoga, and recently in the city of Manta a class where I could practice yoga beer was made.

Although at first I thought, will it be good? With the passing of the minutes and advancing in practice, note that beer really helps you relax and allows you to do better postures.

Although practicing yoga beer every day is not recommended, beer can help you gain weight. But if it is a weekend and you feel like a cold beer, you can choose to do this type of yoga, where you will exercise the body and at the same time enjoy.

If you are a person who does not like beer, do not exclude yourself from this practice.Many people only use the beer or the container to practice and improve the balance when making a posture.

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Below I will detail the benefits of beer and yoga in our body:

Drinking a beer a day, provides some benefits, for our body, but of course, the excess is not welcome on this issue.  That's why we only recommend a maximum of one a day.

Vitamins and minerals. Its production involves ingredients that contain more than 30 minerals and vitamins such as B6, B1 and B2.

Protect the heart. Drinking in moderation provides 31% lower risk of heart disease.

Hydration. The athletes consume it after a competition, since it favors hydration, also helps the muscular discomfort derived from the exercise.

Prevention of kidney stones. Reduce the percentage of suffering in a 22 to 41%.


If you practice yoga you can get good results both physically and mentally

- Yoga helps you stretch and tone muscles.

- Improves the functioning of the nervous system and the endocrine system

- Reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone).

- Improves circulation.

- Reduces blood pressure

Would you dare to perform yoga beer? Tell us below in the comments. If you get to do this practice you can take a photo and upload it to your social networks, and tag us on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.

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  • Franck Jones

    Franck Jones 05/23/2018 Reply

    anyone do not know what to do, if consuming alcohol is useless exercise, a good diet has to go hand in hand or what you lower it back up and forget about the changes
  • George Alecsiuk

    George Alecsiuk 05/23/2018 Reply

    poor world, more and more mentally ill, to top it off, they will surely see young people without PERSONALITY who will imitate them.

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