Discover the beautiful beaches of Ecuador

Discover the beautiful beaches of Ecuador

Ecuador is a country with a rich biodiversity, it is the fourth smallest country in America, but one of the most visited by tourists. Ecuador is nicknamed the country of the 4 worlds, it has four regions with totally different climates.

Today I will talk about the coastal region; On the Ecuadorian coast you will find a large number of beaches, that is why I will recommend some of the most beautiful beaches that this country has, so that you can visit them and have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Ayampe Beach

The first beach that I will recommend to them is Ayampe. It is located at 17Km south of Puerto Lopez in the province of Manabí. This beach is one of my favorite because it is very quiet and silence is part of it.

Despite being a quiet beach, here you can practice water sports such as: swimming, sport fishing, humpback whale watching, diving, water skiing, surfing and boat rides.

The Frailes Beach

The frailes is one of the most beautiful and magical beaches in Ecuador. You must visit this beach, yes or yes, I assure you that you will fall in love. It is located in the province of Manabí, in the Machalilla National Park.

This beach is separated from the road, has a white sand, is surrounded by cliffs and a viewpoint. To get to the beach you must cross a beautiful dry forest that exhibits species of flora and fauna typical of the area. 

To enter the friars you must follow some rules, do not enter with food and without pets, this beach is one of the most cared for and its state is so natural that it seems like a paradise. Remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat to cover you from the sun.

Montañita Beach

Montañita is one of the most famous beaches in the country, it is frequented mostly by foreign tourists. It is located in the province of Santa Elena.

Montañita takes its name from being located in an inlet surrounded by hills and vegetation at the foot of the sea, as a valley with an extensive beach, it is currently an international tourist resort visited by young people who practice adventure tourism and surfers,its perfect right waves that reach up to 2.5 m that attract tourists from all over the world. At night you can enjoy good music, bars, parties, all over the beach.

Same Beach

It is 50 minutes from Esmeraldas and 10 minutes south of Súa. It is one of the most exclusive beaches in Ecuador, a dream scenario surrounded by hills and vegetation, with fine sands and calm waters, protected by the bay that embraces them.

Same beach, is such a beautiful place where tourists can enjoy the tranquility of the waters, I really like it because it is a favorable place to rest and enjoy the benefits of the sea. On this beach you can observe some birds such as: frigates, pelicans, blue footed boobies and seagulls.

Canoa Beach

The Canoa beach is a true natural paradise, it is located in the province of Manabí,  it is a beach for tourists who are nature lovers. Canoa is surrounded by an area where there are sand dunes and to the south there is a platform for paragliding and hang gliding.

In Playa Canoa we find a wide variety of fruit trees, timber, medicinal such as palo santo, guayacanes, laurels, cactus, among others. In terms of fauna we can mention frigates, herons, pelicans and variety of fish such as croaker, ray, snapper, among others.

Galapagos Islands (Turtle bay)

Turtle Bay is one of the main recreational places of the Galapagos National Park, is located on the island of Santa Cruz, is a place visited by locals and tourists. In this place there used to be a small population of tortoises from Pinzon Island, which were taken by whalers and former inhabitants of this site.

It is the largest white sand beach on the island being one of the favorite places for sea turtles to lay their eggs.

In Tortuga Bay there are two beaches: “Brava Beach ", named for its large waves, ideal for surfing.

“Mansa Beach”, a quieter beach and protected by a natural basalt barrier. Generally the conditions here are suitable for surface diving throughout the year. It is also a good place for swimming and kayaking.

Now you know 6 of many beaches that Ecuador has. If you have already visited one of these magnificent beaches, tell us in the comments what you liked the most about it. Remember to follow us on our social networks Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.

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