Aromatherapy and the power of smells

Aromatherapy and the power of smells

Did you know that aromatherapy has been practiced for many years, to such an extent that it has now become a therapeutic treatment?

This therapy consists of perceiving odors, which help to stimulate the senses and to relax the body and muscles with the help of massages. This practice may sound a little complex and difficult to perform, but what would happen if I told you that you can do it anywhere, even at home?

Practicing aromatherapy a few minutes a day can bring benefits in your life, and even every scent and essential oil has its own benefit. But, you will ask yourself: How does aromatherapy work through odors? What is needed to perform this practice?

Do not worry today I will teach you some easy tricks and I will recommend several basic essential oils, which you can use to start practicing aromatherapy.

To start practicing aromatherapy, the first thing you should get are essential oils, remember that essential oil is not the same as fragrances, if you want to know the differences read the following blog: What is the difference between essential oils and fragrances?

Among the essential essential oils that you can buy and find easily are: the essential oil of orange, mint, Palo Santo, chamomile. You can also buy aromatic candles or natural soaps with essences.

Benefits of essential oils

Orange essential oil can provide some benefits if used properly, can be used to treat colds, coughs and flu, it also relieves muscle and joint pain.

Peppermint essential oil it is ideal to treat coughs and flu, it can also relieve headaches and migraine.

The essential oil of Palo Santo helps you to counteract the symptoms of flu, allergies, migraine, is ideal to soothe cervical pain, osteoarthritis or joints.

Chamomile essential oil treats various skin problems: acne, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin.

How to apply essential oils

There are several ways to use essential oils. A week ago I made a blog about how to make flavorings with essential oils that help you give a pleasant smell to your home and at the same time helps you to relax and eliminate fatigue.

You can practice aromatherapy through the following methods:

By inhalation: it is the basic method in aromatherapy. It can be direct or not. Aromatic diffusers are used, if you do not have one you can use a pot with hot water and place 15 drops of essential oil, and you will have the same benefits. This alternative is for problems in the respiratory tract and for some skin conditions.

Aromatic baths: This method is ideal to relax the body and eliminate stress. It is necessary to have a bathtub, which we fill with hot water and 25 to 30 drops of oils are thrown.

Remember that a bath with hot water is ideal for circulation and relaxation. If you do not have a bathtub that you can fill, do not worry you can use essential soaps that will give you the same benefits.

By massage: For this step I recommend mixing the essential oil with a normal glycerin oil, ie without essence or a little water. In a few cases, having direct contact with pure essential oils can cause a type of allergy or irritation. Perform the massage energetically or softly, depending on the ailment. This method is ideal for contractures.

Poultices (hot or cold): for skin conditions or muscle problems. You just have to have hot and cold water, put the drops of essential oil in the water, take a handkerchief dip it in the cold water and take it to the area with pain, then dip the handkerchief in the hot water and take it to the area with pain, this will help relax the muscle and joint.

A very useful advice is that if you feel stressed, and you want to relax and let go of worries. You can take an atomizer, put water in half and then put 15 drops of essential oil, I use the essential oil of palo santo, it helps me to relax and recover my energy.

What I do is go to my room, spray a little on my bed and lie down for 30 minutes. This procedure can be done on Sundays before going to sleep, you will see that on Monday you will be ready to start the week full of energy and vitality.

If you already practice aromatherapy, tell us in the comments, what essential oil is your favorite and what do you use it for?  

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