The Chimborazo volcano, the closest point to the sun

The Chimborazo volcano, the closest point to the sun

You are a person who loves adventure tourism, but you do not find tourist destinations that catch your attention, or you see photos but you do not get good information about the place you want to visit. You are in the right place, today I will talk about the Chimborazo. It is located in the Andean region of Ecuador, it is a town rich in traditions, folklore, music, dance, belief and medicine.

It has an incredible landscape, it is guarded by three majestic snow peaks, of which the Chimborazo volcano stands out, considered as the closest land point to the sun. This volcano is higher than Mount Everest, a fact that causes intrigue to many foreign and national tourists, it is famous among the mountaineers of the world who arrive daily to crown it.

In the Chimborazo volcano you can do adventure tourism, ecological tourism, family walks and others. Next, I will recommend several activities that you can do if you visit the closest point to the sun (The Chimborazo)


In the Chimborazo there is the Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve, the perfect place to do ecotourism. In this place is the Chimborazo volcano, with 6,268 meters above sea level (msnm), and is the closest point to the sun. Visitors can access the Chimborazo by car until the first refuge and then make a family walk to the second refuge and continue up the trails.

In this reserve you can also find eight types of ecosystems, there are several routes for walks such as the Machay Temple, an ancestral site of offering to the Chimborazo;the Polylepis Forest an earthy community and enigmatic; and La Chorrera, a large canyon where the river of the same name is born that also exhibits a unique landscape composed of large rocks with vertical and sharp cuts up to 100 meters high.

As for the fauna, there are camelids that live in the area. In addition, it is possible to observe wolves and foxes of paramo, deer, chucuris, skunks, rabbits and rodents, among other species (data:

Mountain biking

If you are a cycling lover you will surely love this place. In the Chimborazo mountain biking is done around a hillside which conditions of the place demand that you put to test your skills and abilities that you have with the bicycle.

This activity falls into the category of adventure tourism or extreme sport. The Activity consists in going downhill. Although there are people or families who opt for this option and perform this activity in a smooth, calm and quiet, with the aim of enjoying the scenery and the walk. Make sure you do this activity with people who work within the reserve and are authorized to provide this type of tourist services.

Mountaineering / Climbing

Who of us have dreamed of being on the highest peak in the world? If you travel to Chimborazo do not miss this opportunity to do so. To climb this snowfall it is important a previous preparation, it is recommended to spend about 2 days in the Andean city so you can acclimatize. You should also learn about the equipment you are going to use and the proper way to do it, what type of food you can bring, clothing and more.

Do not make the decision to climb the Chimborazo on your own, it can be dangerous. In the Chimborazo there are specialists or mountain guides who know full activity, as well as the safest routes and how to react to a dangerous situation. The mountain guide is the most important person you should try to hire from their services when challenges like this are involved.


Hiking is a sport or tourism activity that involves travel on foot paths or trails in the countryside or the mountains. In the Chimborazo this option is one of the most optional for novice tourists. To perform this activity you must have physical preparation, willpower and discipline and be acclimatized, otherwise you can catch the height and you can faint.

When defining it as a walk in the mountains, it does not mean that it is totally easy, you should always do this type of activities with a professional, and even more if you are doing it in the Chimborazo.

You can start this challenge from 3,800 ms.n.m, which is at the entrance to the reserve, to 4,800, which is the first refuge. You can also take it easy doing a small stretch from the first refuge "Hermanos Carrel" at 4800 masl to the second refuge "Whymper at 5,000 m.s.n.m, which is what is normally done in excursions for tourism enthusiasts.

Do you dare to visit the Chimborazo, the closest point of the sun? Tell us in the comments what you think of this blog, and if you already visited the Chimborazo, let us know what activity you did.

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