Therapies of the senses

Therapies of the senses

Have you ever heard about the therapies of the senses? If your answer was no, read the following post, because I can assure you that at least once in your life you have performed one of these therapies consciously and unconsciously. Do you want to know what these therapies are, what are they for and how can you do it at home? Next, I will explain everything about the therapies of the senses in an easy and simple way.

The therapies of the senses are those that consist in the stimulation of all the senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, proprioception and vestibular system) through stimuli and significant activities. When I told you that at least once in your life you had used this type of alternative therapy, I alluded to the following:

Music therapy is a therapy that relaxes and also promotes memory and intellectual activity. The rhythms and melodies also serve as a complement to treat from depression, anxiety and stress to senile dementia and respiratory disorders.

It is believed that depending on the type of music you listen to, it can provide several benefits: Classical music can help you relax, soft rhythms and string instruments help you fall asleep, I use this type of music to make my nephew sleep. Cheerful music, piano melodies and violins, lift the mood and promote happiness.

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Aromatherapy, this therapy is one of the most used, I have even recommended them a lot because it is the one that helps me the most, when I want to relax, eliminate stress, and above all because it is easy to put into practice.

To practice this therapy, it is only necessary to have a natural essential oil, natural aromas, aromatic candles, or essential soaps. This therapy can be done by means of massages, baths or inhalations of aromas that help counteract insomnia, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, help overcome depression, give energy and in some cases alleviate pain.

The oils that I use are: the Palo Santo oil that provides several benefits, the orange that helps me for the flu, the chamomile oil, and mint.

Hydrotherapy is a therapy that consists in taking a hot or lukewarm shower, in order to relax the body and eliminate stress and tension. Even if you do not believe it with the simple act of taking a hot shower can help eliminate stress to your body. This type of therapy, I do it on Fridays, I fill my bathtub with warm water and I like to apply 25 drops of essential oil of palo santo, this helps me relax my muscles and recharge my energies.

If you do not own bathtub you can take a shower in a conventional bathroom and use natural soaps. Before having a bathtub, I used a bench and sat under the shower, the water fell directly on my head back and shoulders.

Touch therapy, is one that works primarily in the recognition of one's own body, energy and abilities, through eye contact, touch and hug.

The most used technique is massage, but to have better benefits it is advisable to use essential oils, chocolate, mint aromas, among others. This therapy goes a little hand in hand with aromatherapy, ideal to relax the body.

These therapies are the most used, each one offers different benefits that contribute to your physical and mental health. Tell me in the comments, which of these therapies do you practice every day? I put music therapy and aromatherapy into practice, and you?

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