5 Tips for traveling alone for the first time

5 Tips for traveling alone for the first time

Usually we are used to travel with family, friends or with our partner and hearing the word "travel alone" causes a sense of fear and anguish. This way of making trips alone is becoming a trend in society, maybe you think it's not the same to travel with friends that alone or that traveling alone is boring, believe me traveling alone is not boring, on the contrary it is something magnificent, you can do all the activities you want, know the places you want, manage your time and travel to your liking, and many other things.

I made my first trip only last year (2017), I wanted to go abroad, but then I thought, why go to know another place if there are places in Ecuador that I do not even know. The best thing is to travel to countries or small cities and if you are from abroad I recommend you visit Ecuador, the country of the 4 worlds.

When deciding the places I wanted to visit and the day I was leaving, my traveling companions told me they could not accompany me, I was about to cancel my vacation, but I decided to go on my own, it was something new for me. I had no idea what to do, but on that trip I learned many tricks and tips that I want to share with you today.

Investigate about the place you want to travel and plan your itinerary.

Before making a trip, research on the place you want to know, the customs, language, tourist attractions that you can meet. In Ecuador, traveling alone is something incredible, I was able to get to know 4 different scenarios with totally different climates, Andes, Costa, Amazon, and the famous Galapagos Islands.

Within the itinerary, it establishes the departure time and the arrival time to the city you are going, points out the places you can visit, the hotels or hostels where you can spend your stay, I also recommend that you have recorded how much the taxis or means of transport charge, and most importantly note the dangerous places or areas that are not safe.

2) What can we pack?

I recommend that you do not carry many things, if you are traveling alone it is better to go as light as you can. For example, once you have chosen the places you are going to visit, and know what climate that place has, you can go assembling your clothes, I advise you to bring a sweater, ideal to combine with clothes that you have already worn.

During my first trip I brought a lot of clothes, shoes and things that I did not use, but the second time I went out alone I wore jeans, shorts, a heater, 5 shirts, 1 t-shirt, 5 interiors, a pair of shoes that use during the whole trip, my kit grooming and hygiene, my phone and my camera, it should be emphasized that it is clothes for a week.

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3) Do not look like a tourist

If we are going to travel alone it is essential not to look like tourists. A tourist alone in a city he does not know is an easy target. Use normal clothes, just leave with what is necessary, leave the rest at the hotel.

I always leave with my documents, my backpack, which is where I keep my camera, my phone in my hand, and my wallet in the front pocket of my pants. Do not use headphones while you go out to explore, try to greet people who live there, that will make you go from being perceived, If you want to see a map or you've missed, go to a cafe and ask for information or search in google maps, do not panic, let alone ask strangers who are on the street.

4) Things we should not do

In the previous point I told them that during the excursion or the walks they do not use hearing aids, this can distract you and not pay attention to your surroundings. Do not choose to go exploring at night, although it is tempting to go for a walk at night, do not do it remember that you are alone. Do not sleep on buses or means of transport. Learn to say NO to sellers and also people who want to invite you out or drink. If something gives you a bad spine and it bothers you. Do not! better safe than sorry.

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5) Things you can do

If you are a woman and you are afraid to go for a walk alone, use an engagement ring, this will make them think that you are walking with your husband or you are accompanied. When leaving do not leave your documents in your room, upload them to your cloud or send them by mail, this is in case you get lost or stolen.

Take small padlocks with you to secure your suitcase and backpack. The most important thing is that you communicate with a relative every day, telling him where you are. Each time you leave the hotel, you can leave a note explaining where you are going and also at what time you will return, this is a security measure if you do not arrive at that time they will call you, to confirm if everything is fine.

Always have cash when leaving, believe me it will make your life easier, detail your entire day's budget.

Dare to travel alone and live an experience full of adrenaline and adventure. Tell us in the comments what you think of this blog, and if you have ever traveled alone to another city, tell us about your experience. Remember that you can follow us on our social networks to know when we upload new information to our blog, Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram.

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