Learn to choose your jewelry according to the shape of your face or the type of attire

Learn to choose your jewelry according to the shape of your face or the type of attire

Nowadays, looking good is an issue that has become very important in both men and women. The combination of our clothes is an activity that we do every day, but often combining our clothes with accessories can be difficult, since we can look very glamorous, simple, or simply without styles.

Today I will talk about how you can combine jewelry with your clothes, making them look elegant and fashionable. Before you should know that jewelry is used according to the color of clothing, according to the shape of your face, your physique, hairstyle and costume model. Now let's start!

As a first tip, I recommend that you identify what kind of jewelry you have, you can have silver, gold, plastic or ivory jewelry. I usually use jewelery made of vegetable ivory or tagua, a 100% natural product, similar to elephant ivory, with the only difference that the tagua comes from a plant and not from the horns of elephants or rhinos.


If you have a round face it is better not to use necklaces because they shorten the neck, it is best that, use earrings and long necklaces, avoid round ones, use angular, rectangular and trapezoidal; They are an excellent option to stylize the figure.

 If you have an oval face, feel happy, the oval faces are almost perfect. You can use everything, just try not to use very long slopes. If your face is long and you have a long neck, you can use earrings that give just at the level of the neck, here you can use necklaces and round earrings.

Now if you are women of small stature, I recommend you use necklaces between 45 and 60 cm, to use long necklaces, to conceal your short and thick neck, avoid using short necklaces so you do not shorten the neck. If on the contrary, you are of medium height, you are very lucky, you can use any type of necklaces and earrings. Now if you are tall I recommend you use small necklaces, the long earring will be perfect.

Now let's consider our wardrobe. If what you are going to wear with a dress with a neckline, consider the size of your bust. If you have little bust,  I recommend you use a necklace that is not too bulky, this could make you see with less bust, you can use the thin necklaces with a charm. If you are going to wear closed-neck garments, do not use short necklaces, you can use bib-type collars.

If you are going to wear clothes with textures, stitches or coats, use jewelry with reliefs, if you wear colors, use simple jewelry, so as not to overload the attire. If you wear a single color clothing, you can wear colored jewelry to give it a perfect style.

You can also use rings and bracelets, today in the summer trends are bracelets and tagua rings, come in many colors, and various styles so you can combine your clothes.

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