5 activities you can do if you visit Baños

5 activities you can do if you visit Baños

Baños, also known as Baños de Agua Santa, is the second largest and most populated city in the Tungurahua Province. It is a tourist center of importance in the country, it is also known as: the little piece of heaven, the door of el dorado and the city of the volcano.

It is visited by several national and international tourists, for the simple fact that in Baños you can do various activities such as extreme sports or adventure, and receive thermal baths. A few days ago I gave them some tips so they can travel alone for the first time, I told them my experience, but I never told them which places to visit, Baños was one of those places, I really did not know, that in this place you could enjoy so much. That's why I decided to tell you about the 5 activities you have to do if you visit Baños.

I will start by talking about the tree house, this is one of the most visited tourist attractions, even I thought it was the only thing that could be done in Baños, because most of the web portals that I read to see what I could do in Baños, they talked only about this place. The tree house has a swing called the end of the world, by swinging you can see the majestic landscape that gives us this place, also the tree house is the best place to observe the Tungurahua Volcano.

Something very curious is that in this place they also sell toquilla straw hats, and it seems a lie but tourists also acquire it, in order to immortalize the memory and the adventures that live in Baños.


Another tourist attraction frequently visited are the thermal waters. Being close to the Tungurahua volcano a large network of hot springs extends throughout the town. Usually it is always full, it is a meeting point to relax and socialize. These premises open from the early hours of the morning, because several local people and own workers there use it to start the day full of energy.  The value to be able to use these thermal baths is 3 dollars.


Pay attention at this point. I will talk about several extreme sports or adventure you can do in Baños. In Baños you can practice:

-Rafting, consists of traversing the bed of the rivers in the direction of the current (downstream) on some type of boat or raft. It is done in the Pastaza River in the eastern sector of the city, starting from San Francisco, or from the sector of La Penal (black river) It is required to know how to swim.

-Canyoning: It is practiced in the canyons or ravines of the rivers, which allows to descend by waterfalls tied to a rope. And with the security team, which is provided in its entirety by the contracted operator agency, and supervised by experienced guides. In the surroundings there are several places with unique natural landscapes where this activity is carried out, among them: Chamana, Río Blanco and Cashaurco.

-Scaling: Requires a lot of strength and adrenaline, which includes heights of considerable danger. In Baños there are very particular walls like San Martín, the route located behind the terrestrial terminal (San Francisco bridge) composed of volcanic rock, in some routes, fixed anchors have been implemented.

Baños is not only adventure tourism and risk, it is also a place to enjoy with family and children. If you get to visit Baños and go with your children, take them to the Eco San Martín Zoo.  It is an incredible zoo, when you visit it, you can observe all the representative fauna that Ecuador has, you can even observe some animals that are in danger of extinction, such as the Andean bears or the spectacled bear.

Among the other animals : the chichico or leoncillo, squirrel, capibara, jaguar or American tiger, ocelot or tigrillo, white machin, spider monkey, black monkey, wolf of páramo, puma or American lion, machin. There are also several species of birds and reptiles.



This place that I am going to talk about now is called the Pailón del Diablo or waterfall of the green river, it is one of the most visited attractions by foreign tourists, to get here you just have to travel on the road Baños - Puyo, until the poster of the waterfall.

In the surroundings of the Pailón del Diablo waterfall you can observe the flora and fauna. During the tour you will find bromeliads and orchids are very unique in that area and are the subject of study by foreign university students. The temperature of the water is about 23º C, the water in the waterfall is transparent and in the pailón proper the water turns turquoise.

At the edge of the waterfall there is a viewpoint, from where the view is lost in the composite plant cover and well represented in three strata: herbaceous, shrub and arboreal.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this blog, and if you would visit Baños. Remember that if you have already been to one of these places you can tell us your experience below in the comments. Also follow us on our social networks,  Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram.

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