How to know if your straw hat is original and of quality?

How to know if your straw hat is original and of quality?

Toquilla straw hats are synonymous with elegance and freshness, it is inevitable not to buy this craft to look good and stylish. Usually many travelers or people who are dedicated to tourism, choose to buy straw hats toquilla to be able to cover the sun and to have that appearance of adventurer. In the world of fashion these crafts have become very important when combining a dress, actors, singers and even princes have used toquilla straw hats.

But you may wonder, how do I know that the hat is original and of good quality? Knowing the quality or hat grade is easy, and knowing if a hat is 100% original too.

Straw hats or erroneously called panama hats, are woven in Ecuador in the city of Montecristi to be exact, Unesco in 2012 declared as intangible heritage of humanity to this craft, by the fact that this tradition and art of Weaving hats has been around for several centuries in Ecuador.  The hats of Ecuadorian origin, have inside a label that says 100% ecuadorian and also the declaration by Unesco.

The quality of straw hats can be determined by 3 very simple factors.

The color: it has to have a uniform color.

The fabric, observe well the thickness of the strands, the finer the better

Uniformity, a toquilla straw hat is made by the same person, it is important that the hat, is totally woven the same, must have the same thickness and the strands fully aligned.

If a Straw Hat meets these requirements, it means that it is of high quality. Hats are bought according to their finesse, and the price is established by this factor, that is, the finer a hat is, the more expensive it will be.

A very important fact is that straw hats are beige, but they can also be white. If you want to buy a white or other colors, be sure that the color is uniform, believe me a hat with spots is not good.

Now you know that the quality of the hat is measured by "degrees". Well, the grade is the number of threads per square inch or the number of threads per centimeter. The Fine hat is from grade 10 to 20, the fine extra from grade 20 to 30 and the Supreme from grade 30 onwards.

A normal fine hat can take 1 to 2 months to make, but the Supremo can take up to six arduous months of processing, and due to their unparalleled quality can be sold for more than a thousand dollars.

Recently I also learned to see quality in another way, you just have to hold the hat up to the light and count the number of rings visible inside the cup. With a higher number of turns the fabric is finer, for example, 25 rings correspond to an Extra Fine Hat. However, this method is not very usual nor very reliable.

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