Learn to use Palo Santo, as an alternative medicine

Learn to use Palo Santo, as an alternative medicine

Who here has not suffered from cold, cough, allergy, or have suffered from acne in their teens and even now as an adult? The truth, I suffered from all this, every time the weather changed in my city I got sick with the flu or cough, I do not like to take any medicine or pills, but I did it to feel good, Until I reached a point that my allergy was getting worse, but I did not want to take medication, I searched the internet about how I could cure or counteract the symptoms in a way that would help my health.

The answer was a product or a wood that I usually use for other things and it is always in my house. The wood or the product of which I speak is Palo Santo,  Many will ask themselves, how can palo santo help in the flu or treat allergies?

The palo santo not only serves to aromatize your home, or to scare off mosquitoes, that is a misconception that we all have of this tree with healing properties.  The palo santo can now be found in different ways such as, for example, essential oilsincenses, and even soaps. It should be noted that all these products are 100% natural and free of chemicals and dyes.

I, to cure myself of my allergy or flu, use the essential oil of palo santo 100% pure. All I did was smell the oil by means of an aroma diffuser. I only put 5 droplets in the aroma diffuser and believe me it served me a lot. If you do not have a diffuser do not worry there is another technique that is better, it is with utensils that we have in our house.

Use a pot, put water, and put it to boil, when it starts to boil, turn off the stove and place the pot on a table, with hot water and voting steam, place 5 drops of Palo Santo oil, then start breathing the steam, if you are in an open place and the steam can not breathe, use a towel, to help cover your head and the pot.

The smell of steam is like woody citrus, helping to unclog the nostrils, helping to eliminate all the phlegm and symptoms of colds. You can also rub a few drops of Palo Santo oil on the chest at the level of the heart, to relieve and counteract the symptoms of the flu.

The essential oil of Palo Santo can also be used to relieve muscle pain, just place a few drops of essential oil in the area where the pain is, and massage gently.


If you suffer from acne, this product is for you. I have been using the soaps of Palo Santo for 4 months, and the truth is that I have noticed changes in my skin and on my face. I used to have a greasy face, and often, I got a lot of pimples, I really tried everything, but nothing helped my problem. But when I tasted the soaps of Palo Santo, I saw how instantly, I felt my face clean, and with a pleasant smell.

I started seeing the results a week, these soaps have a little superfine sawdust that helps exfoliate the face.  I also use it for my whole body and it leaves my skin moisturized and protected. 

These soaps being 100% natural, have Limonene a medicinal compound of palo santo, known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antihongo and antiseptic agent.



The incense or wood of Palo Santo, not only serves to scare away mosquitoes, it also serves to purify your home and eliminate all bad energies. The only thing you have to do is take an incense or piece of Palo Santo to light it and smoke the whole house, curtains, furniture, every corner is important, Remember that inhaling smoke is bad for our health, so I recommend that when you smoke, leave the wood in a censer or heat resistant container and leave the room.

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  • vicente rincones

    vicente rincones 09/20/2018 Reply

    hola tengo una niña de 1 año con gripe y asma se le ha dado su tratamiento medico y la calma mas no cura de un todo. me recomendaron ponerle 1 o dos góticas de aceite palo al tetero de la niña ….que me sugieren ustedes.

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