Visit the Agua Blanca commune, a place full of magic and culture

Visit the Agua Blanca commune, a place full of magic and culture

Manabí is a province of Ecuador that has beautiful tourist places that you can visit. In these places you will find good gastronomy, good treatment by people, and surely you fall in love with their myths and legends. In Manabí, there is the city where the finest hats of the world are woven, Montecristi, place where many tourists get to buy straw hats, knowing its history and production process. But Manabí is not only known for that, it is also visited for its beautiful beaches, ecological reserves, national parks, and other places that many people do not know.

Today I will recommend a place you visit recently and the truth left me fascinated, I never imagined that in Manabi there were such places, but apparently it is a treasure that needs to be known.

The place that I speak to you is from the Agua Blanca commune, it is an archaeological site in the heart of the Machalilla National Park. It is located 12 km north of Puerto López, approximately 5 km away from the main road. In Agua blanca you can do several activities, both tourist and cultural.

Archeological Museum

In the Agua Blanca Archaeological Museum you can learn about the history and culture of more than 5000 years. Scientific excavations revealed remains of the Manteña culture and other pre-Columbian cultures of 3,500 BC. to 1,500 AD, here an immense archaeological treasure, funeral urns, power seats, ceramic ornaments and more than 600 remains of stone structures and buildings are kept and cared for.

In the heart of the park you can also find archaeological sites, you can see ruins of a city of the Manteño period. In the Buenavista River, a set of temples, squares and dwellings typical of the Manteña Culture is established 1500 BC.

Sulfur Lagoon

Agua Blanca is a natural lagoon that at dawn is covered by a thin white layer due to the concentrations of sulfur emanating from an underground volcanic root, giving the name to the Agua Blanca commune. It is said that the lagoon has medicinal benefits, and that taking a bath there can favor the human being in rheumatic diseases, it is considered a sacred lagoon, for the realization of cultural festivals, which have been taking place from antiquity to the present.

This lagoon is four meters deep, is one of the attractions of the commune most visited by tourists. Visitors who dare to immerse themselves in these waters rub their bodies and faces with the muddy clay that forms on the bed of the lagoon for medicinal purposes. The truth is that I did it and it left my skin soft.

Dry and wet forest

If you are a lover of nature, dare to take a walk in the dry and wet forest of Agua Blanca. Within the vegetation that you can see in the forest is the ceibo, carob, acacia, laurel, guasmo, jaile, manzanillo, palosanto, muyuyo, barbasco, chala, papaya, ferns, bromeliads and orchids, fine moral, broadleaf, guayacán , bototillo, guarumo, breakwater, salty mountain, lichens.

You can also see some animals (howler monkey, ocelot, white-tailed deer, squirrel, bat) birds (mot mot, hornero, perlillas, woodpeckers, nuthatches, garrapatero, Kingfisher, buzzard, turtledoves, hummingbirds) and reptiles ( iguana, boa, snake x, false coral snake).

It is believed that in this place lives a bird called "El Pedrote", found in the valley or in the sulfur well, according to legend, the bird chases the girls to fall in love with them. The myth points out that when a young girl urinates on the mountain he flies to the place and makes love on the spot, so the girl can feel pregnant. Symptoms that disappear after 3 or 4 months. This Legend is very famous but not very credible.

You can also choose to go to the viewpoint and observe the forest with all its vegetation, also you can see some ruins from above.

If you are a foreigner and you want to stay in this place, do not worry here they also rent rooms or cabins, if you are adventurous and you like camping you can also do it, Sometimes you can do cycling or horseback riding through the forest, try to ask the guides

Apart from the activities that I speak to you, you can also ask for a day of relaxation. In Agua Blanca they give incredible massages, they use the oil of palo Santo ideal to relax the body, and to relieve muscular pains. The day you visit Agu blanca, buy several handicrafts, figures and jewelry in tagua, a straw hat, and the oil of palo santo, you can also get mud from the lagoon in some stores, but if you give yourself the time and You can take a little dip and store it in a container.

I hope and the information that you have just read has been to your liking, tell us in the comments if you would visit or if you have visited the Agua Blanca community. Remember that you can follow us on our social networks, Facebook , Twitter Instagram .


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