Live the Inti Raymi party in Cañar

Live the Inti Raymi party in Cañar

In Ecuador between the months of June and July, each year, the Interandina region celebrates the traditional "Inti Raymi" or Sun party. The "Inti Raymi" is a festivity of the agricultural calendar which celebrates the summer solstice and harvest time, in this festivity the Pacha Mama or mother earth is thanked for the food given.

In the province of Cañar, this celebration takes on special significance because the setting chosen for the ritual is the hill Zhinzhuna, in the parish of Ingapirca, where the archaeological ruins of the same name are located.

This year, the Inti Raymi will take place on June 22, 23 and 24. It has a wide range of activities, where the culture and traditions of the Cañari peoples can be rescued, such as the election and proclamation of the Ñusta 2018, the cultural footbridge of the cañari clothing and fabric, the traditional gastronomic fair, exhibitions of the cañari culture, presentation of handicrafts own of the region and live music popular shows.

Now, I will recommend some activities that you can do during your visit in Cañar.

Train Tambo – Coyoctor

The Tambo train, a modern autoferro that travels 3.5 km of recovered rails, welcomes the tourist and takes him to the archaeological ruins of Coyoctor. El Coyoctor or Baños del Inca, is the largest sandstone rock sculpture of the prehispanic period.

In El Tambo, you can also witness local cultures which show the richness of their traditional and urban crafts in well-made objects such as ponchos, tagua jewelry, straw hats, embroidery and jewelry in gold and silver. The value of the train ticket for domestic and foreign adult tourists is $ 5.00, children and students pay half. For the entrance to the Archaeological Complex of Coyoctor or the Museum of the City El Tambo, the adult tourist costs $ 1.00, children $ 0.50

Sanctuary of the Virgen del Roció

It is a church of Gothic style. The chapel was built on a rock, on August 26, 1894. Legend has it that in 1893, Biblián, a city in the province of Cañar, experienced difficult times due to the severe drought that ended with animals and crops.

Father Daniel Muñoz, parish priest of that time, began to pray and on Saturday, January 20, 1894, with a group of people he went up to the mountain of Zhalao and placed the image of a tiny virgin that he had kept since his seminary days. According to the stories, little by little, drops of water began to fall from the sky and since then she was called "Madre del Rocío".

From that date a Wooden Sanctuary was built, with a Gothic style. Over the years the current sanctuary was built, a place of devotion and visit of thousands of believers from Ecuador and foreigners.


The ruins of Ingapirca

It is located in the western spur of the Cubilán hill, half a kilometer from the parish center of Ingapirca. These ruins were inaugurated in June 1987 and the first description of the place was made by three French citizens in the year 1736.

The ruins of Ingapirca are the most important place left by the Inca occupation in Ecuador. This important archaeological center has stones perfectly carved and joined with natural mortar. The elements that make up the complex are: the castle or Temple of the Sun, Pilaloma, La Condamine and La Vaguada, the Ingachungana, the Face of the Inca, the turtle, the Intihuayco, the Stairway of the ravine and the Museum of the site.

The Temple of the Sun served for the realization of ceremonies and rituals of the Cañari-Inca culture. It also had strategic-military purposes. The ruins are integrated by a cemetery, solar observatories, roads, warehouses, priests' apartments and an indigenous plaza.

Other attractions that you can visit and do in these ruins are the tours inside the Ruins where the guide explains to the visitor the function of this impressive construction, in addition to walking among the corridors, flanked by thick stone pillow walls, the rooms that served as bedrooms and large halls of the Inca.

Travel first to Ecuador and explore its wonderful cities. Encourage yourself to participate in the "Inti Raymi" festivities in cañar this 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June. I hope this information has been to your liking and comment in the comments what you think this celebration, Remember that you can follow us on our social networks, Facebook , Twitter Instagram .


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