Tips for practicing yoga with your baby

Tips for practicing yoga with your baby

Practicing yoga has become a worldwide trend. This millenary practice is carried out by people of all ages, from children to adults. Yoga is synonymous with meeting your inner self, leaving aside all worries and tensions, with yoga we can, meditate, reflect, calm, and find inner peace.

At present there are many moms and dads, they are choosing to practice yoga with their baby, it all started as a way to perform yoga while taking care of the baby, but over time it was noted that doing yoga with our children helps connect you with him, since he will perceive your tranquility and peace, creating a mutual connection.

If you want to practice yoga with your baby, remember that you can do it, when your baby is about 2 months old, and we can also start the practice at 4 or 6 weeks after delivery, if it has been vaginal, or at 8 or 10 weeks , if it has been cesarean section, always with due care and asking the doctor or instructor.

What are yoga classes with babies?

Yoga classes with babies consist of stretching and basic asanas where you can have the baby, always taking into account breathing and meditation. In many cases the majority of asanas and stretches are focused on the pelvic floor and hypopressive abdominal gymnastics, this to help the moms to reduce in the abdominal area and the back pains.

During the performance of yoga with babies, some instructors use the  aromatherapy method, that is, they use a diffuser of aromas with essential oils, in order to relax the mind and body of both the baby and the mothers. To practice yoga with babies, we only need a comfortable clothes and a blanket for the baby.

The benefits for the baby

  • The baby will develop a connection and contact with his parents in a state of relaxation.
  • It stimulates your curiosity and encourages your stimulation, it will also help to develop your sense of balance and your motor skills, and develops self-confidence.
  • You will get to relax, take advantage of the calm and tranquility, improving digestion, breathing and sleep.

The benefits for parents

  • The first point is that it allows the mother to continue practicing yoga without having to separate from her baby.
  • It Help the mother to recover physically after giving birth, helping to tone the body and relieve pain in the back and hips.
  • Strengthens the bond between parents and the baby. Spending time together and quality helps a lot.
  • Parents who maintain a relaxed and positive attitude in their lives can raise their children without tension, in a balanced way.

We hope that these tips and information to practice yoga with your baby are very useful. And you practice yoga? tell us in the comments.  Remember that you can also follow us on our social networks, Facebook , Twitter Instagram .

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