5 Tourist places of Ecuador that you should know

5 Tourist places of Ecuador that you should know

Ecuador is a jewel when talking about tourism. Many foreigners visit this small country, due to its great diversity of landscapes, climates and ecosystems. Ecuador is considered as the country of the 4 worlds, Costa, Andes, Amazon, Galapagos, each region with a different climate, where you can perform different activities. pay attention to the next top of the best tourist places that Ecuador has and definitely have to visit.



Quito the little face of God, is the capital of Ecuador, is famous for its colonial and modern architecture, which offers a fascinating atmosphere to those who visit it. Quito is the starting point to visit Ecuador, it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In Quito you can practice religious tourism, as it has several gothic style churches. In the capital of Ecuador is half of the world, which you can go to know and perform several activities, which will leave you fascinated.

This place has a cold climate, it has several natural environments of singular beauty Quito is located in a region that abounds with snow-capped volcanoes, you can visit one of the highest in the world, immersed in the Cotopaxi National Park.


If you are a lover of the tropical climate, Manabí is your best option. Manabí is a province that is known for having a wide variety of beaches. Within this province is Montecristi, the city where the famous toquilla straw hats are woven, there is also the beach, The frailes one of the most beautiful and magical beaches that Ecuador has, it has a white sand, it is surrounded by cliffs and a viewpoint. To get to the beach you must cross a beautiful dry forest that exhibits species of flora and fauna typical of the area. Apart from the beaches you can delight your palate with the rich cuisine, which Manabí has, you can try typical dishes, such as tonga, ceviche with peanuts, seafood ceviche etc.


Protected Forest Mindo Nambillo:

The cloud forest of Mindo Nambillo is one of the most emblematic places in South America for bird watching, there are about 465 species of birds. It belongs to the San Miguel de los Bancos Canton, and is 84km from the center of Quito. It has a humid tropical climate and its temperature varies regularly with altitude, falling 6 degrees for every 100 meters of altitude.

Mindo is a good place for ecotourism or responsible tourism, due to the amazing bio-diversity ecosystem there is, full of native flora and fauna. In addition there are natural attractions. It is necessary to promote environmental education and forest protection.

In the streets of the Mindo parish, we can find the residents selling handicrafts, among them chalas, ashtrays, key chains made with bamboo cane, figures made of tagua and other Ecuadorian products. In the land attractions you can do camping, canopy, horseback excursion, hiking and hiking which lead to the butterfly, in this tour you can see the typical vegetation of the site, also in the butterfly you can see around 300 species.


Montañita is one of the most visited beaches of Ecuador, many tourists from different countries come and enjoy this amazing place. Montañita takes its name from being located in an inlet surrounded by hills and vegetation at the foot of the sea, like a valley with an extensive beach. It is known as one of the most important surf destinations in South America. It is a place where fun and Entertainment is 100% lived in the day and night. The bars that are on the main street make lively parties that last until dawn. Because what happens in Montañita, stays in Montañita.



The Amazon is characterized by beautiful landscapes, impressive waterfalls, ancestral cultures and sites surrounded by forests, which allow the visitor to perform extreme sports, ecotourism and adventure tourism. It is a mega diverse region, in which it is possible to navigate by rivers, perform hiking in the jungle, sighting an extraordinary amount of species and sharing with the indigenous communities that have inhabited the area for hundreds of years.

Its access point is the oil city El Coca, the place from where the boats that sail along the Napo River go into the various reserves. Much of the region is protected as parks and reserves: Yasuní, Cuyabeno, Cayambe - Coca, Sangay, Sumaco - Galeras, Podocarpus, among others; of which the jewel in the crown is the Yasuní National Park designated by Unesco as a biosphere reserve.

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