How do I cleanse my house with Palo Santo?

How do I cleanse my house with Palo Santo?

The palo santo is a millenary wood that has been used for a long time, This wood has energetic and healing properties.

When talking about bad energies, we refer to negativity, heaviness, problems and other factors that can happen in our home, as in other places.

Many people perform a cleaning and purification of their minimum home once a month. Many people enter our home, and each person with a different energy or vibration.

Recently my mom cleaned the house with palo santo, he even made us a day of meditation and purification, this was because from one moment to another they started raining problems, and she decided to eliminate the bad energies that surrounded us. I do not lie to them when saying that it worked.

But cleaning the home has a different process than, making a clean of us, then I will explain step by step how to clean and purify your home, and purify your body by recharging yourself with good energy with the help of the palo santo wood.

Before you start with the purification processes you should know that the palo santo  does not only refer to incense. Nowadays Palo Santo can be obtained in many ways, such as in incense, cones, essential oils of palo santo and even soaps. If we want long term holy stick, it is vital to also use the essential oil and / or its derivative products (soaps, cosmetics, etc.), that not only prevent the cutting of trees, they also give our body the holistic medicinal properties (without the smoke of the stains) that are naturally found in this sacred wood.

It is important to keep in mind that a cut trees is not worth it, since it does not have the natural properties of Palo Santo, nor the aroma.

You can know if you have genuine palo santo from a tree that has died naturally, by scratching it with your nail/knife. You should immediately smell the unmistakable aroma of palo santo. Also, carefully observe the smoke when burning it. If it comes out black it means that the palo santo has been cut. If it expels white or gray smoke it is a sacred stick of natural death.

Taking into account this information, now yes! let's start!

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How do you cleanse your house of negative energy?

We will use palo santo sticks or conitos. With these sticks we are going to fumigate the entire house. I recommend you do it by areas. Close all the windows of the rooms, light the palo santo sticks and place them in a bowl or censer. Remember that when you begin to fumigate the room you should not be in it or smell the smoke. Although the palo santo has a pleasant aroma, inhaling a large amount of smoke can harm your health. Do this procedure in all rooms.

How do I cleanse my soul from negativity?

If you want to purify your home and also your soul, a good option is the essential oils of palo santo. What you will do is put in a spray a little water and essential oil palo santo. You can spray on your bed, corners, whereever you want. You can also use an aroma diffuser: put 3 to 5 drops of essential oil and you will see how its smell of woody citrus will relax you and recharge you with energy, purifying your soul.

Soothing Soaps

This I use every day and I LOVE IT. The natural soaps of palo santo are unique: they are easy to use, a pleasant aroma of woody citrus which helps you to relax and recharge your energies. It even has ground palo santo which works as an exfoliant. I use it before going to sleep and after getting up, and the truth helps me to be focused!

Next, I leave you a video explaining in detail, how to clean the bad energy of your home.

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