Benefits and tips for practicing aromatherapy with your couple

Benefits and tips for practicing aromatherapy with your couple

Aromatherapy is a millenary practice that many of us currently practice consciously or unconsciously. This practice consists of being able to perceive odors of essential oils or 100% natural products, in order to improve our health. A clear example of unconsciously practicing aromatherapy is, at the moment of awakening, with just smelling the aroma of the coffee loaded in the morning, our body begins to react and wake up.

Many people resort to aromatherapy to, eliminate stress, flu symptoms, cough or allergies, even to relieve muscle aches. Currently this method is being used by couples in order to grow that bond of affectivity and mutual love, if you want to know what are the benefits and how to perform aromatherapy with your partner keep reading this blog.

Why practice aromatherapy with your partner?

The ancients believed in the powerful influence exerted by certain aromas on people. Following that belief, through history, people have used the sense of smell as a weapon of seduction to attract love. Cleopatra conquered Marco Antonio with exotic perfumes. There are many essential oils that can be aphrodisiac and help create a romantic environment.

Jasmine essential oil: Jasmine oil is known to be an effective aphrodisiac and have seductive qualities. When used by lovers, it can help release strong sexual energies, It also works very well when used during yoga. Many perfume factories use this scent to create women's fragrances, with the aim that their scent attracts the attention of man.

Palo Santo essential oil: This oil has a woody citrus aroma, is considered a natural relaxant, its aroma helps to eliminate stress and fatigue, helps recharge the body's energies. It helps to improve the love and spiritual relationship in couples. It can be used in the bedroom so that couples have a more intimate, loving and full of happiness

Ginger essential oil: Ginger oil is the best aphrodisiac oil to increase body temperature, thereby stimulating our physical activity. Its aphrodisiac properties can be increased if we mix it with any of the previous oils. It is convenient to use it in small doses because of its strong aroma.

Cinnamon essential oil: Cinnamon oil, it smells so good. It is an excellent natural aphrodisiac, its essential oil gives off a smell full of sensuality and rich in nuances. It stimulates the circulatory system and awakens pleasurable sensations in the brain.

How to use essential oils? 

The essential oils in aromatherapy can be used in different ways, one of them is by means of a diffuser of aromas, you just have to put water in the diffuser and you will place 3 to 5 droplets of essential oil, if you do not have an aroma diffuser you can take an atomizer or sprayer, and put water, place 5 drops of essential oil and spray your pillows bed, if you want the whole room.

You can also create your own aromatic candle, buy paraffin and wick for candle, melt the paraffin place it in a porcelain or heat resistant container, place 5 to 8 drops of essential oil, dissolve it well, you will see how in seconds, it starts to smell, Then put the wick, and let it harden. These methods are by means of smell, because you can also apply it in your body. You can perform relaxing massages using essential oils, it is essential that you dilute them or recess them with a natural vegetable oil, sometimes the essential oils can be irritating. Begin to massage from the feet, legs, lower back, shoulder blades and head.

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Practicing aromatherapy as a couple, will help you to strengthen that bond of empathy and love that both have, besides it is a good excuse to spend time together in relaxation and free of worries. Remember that some of the oils mentioned above have healing properties, such as the essential oil of Palo Santo that helps you to counteract the symptoms of flu, cough, and allergies.

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