How to wear a Panama hat type Fedora?

How to wear a Panama hat type Fedora?

Straw hats or as they call it wrongly Panama Hats, has now become a basic complement for many men and women. This accessory is originally from Ecuador, its creation and use in the beginning, was to protect from the sun, being used by workers, farmers and fishermen. Today in the Present is a fundamental accessory in the world of fashion, having multiple varieties which adapt to the different styles, trends, cultures and even character of the wearer, something that is undoubted is that elegance and freshness always goes to highlight if you use one of these crafts. The fedora-type hat is one of the classic toquilla straw hats, ideal for men as it is for women. It serves to combine it with different clothes, if you use it properly, you will look stylish.

How to wear your Fedora hat if you are a woman

The first thing you have to do is acquire your hat of the correct size, a hat of your size is not the one that squeezes you and leaves marks on your forehead, much less the one that covers your ears. You can read the next post and Choose your panama hat, according to your face and clothing.

Straw hats now come in colors, although I recommend that you buy a hat without color, that is natural, since you can combine it with all your clothes, from the most casual to the most elegant.

Being a classic hat, you can customize it, that is, you can place some accessories, change the color of the ribbon, which is usually black, place an applique or combine it with the tagua jewels.

These hats can be combined with all the clothes you have in your closet, it's just a matter of knowing how to use them correctly, for that I recommend you to enter the next post and see the options to combine your straw hat with your dress. It should be noted that you can wear jackets, formal clothes, jeans, and even dresses.

How to wear your Fedora hat if you are a man

Something fundamental is that your hat should be your size, so you can look good. If your head is big a big hat will look great, the same will happen if you have a small head, the ideal is that you wear a small hat.

Choose a straw hat, that does not fit loose or tighten your head, before buying one, measure it, and if you go to buy online, follow the instructions of the store, usually stores have exact measurements, measurements are obtained with a tape measure. If you are worried about the size of the wings, I recommend that you buy a hat with a medium wing, since you can use it on any occasion.

The clothes that you can wear this classic toquilla straw hat, is the same as you have in your closet, it's just a matter of knowing how to combine, pay attention.

If you plan to wear elegant clothes, you can use a suit, although the natural color of the straw hat can be combined, you can buy a hat of the same color as the suit. You can wear a cloth pants, a long sleeve shirt, a vest and your straw hat.

If you want a more casual outfit, you can wear jeans, a short sleeve shirt, a sweater, a jacket. The truth is that these hats combine with any type of clothing and for any occasion, it is only a matter of knowing how to combine our attire and know how to wear our hat.

Remember that toquilla straw hats are an accessory that needs proper care. Being made of straw a 100% natural product, you must take care of them. As point number one, is that you do not keep it in hot places, the straw can be toasted and your hat damaged. Do not store it in damp places either, as straw can rot. The ideal is to keep it in a medium environment, and covered with dust.

If your hat loses its shape do not worry, in the following link you can learn to restore its shape, and learn to wash it, without damaging it5 Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

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