Manta the city of Ecuador where the Ironman 70.3 competition takes place

Manta the city of Ecuador where the Ironman 70.3 competition takes place

Manta is the first tourist, maritime and fishing port of Ecuador, every year dozens of cruise ships arrive with the aim that cruise passengers can enjoy its beaches, gastronomy and even handicrafts, such as straw hats, or tagua costume jewelery, They are usually found in handicraft fairs, organized by the municipality of Manta, in the civic square, in collaboration with the artisans of the province of Manabi.

In this port city you can find the Beaches of Murcielago, Santa Marianita and San Mateo where extreme sports are practiced. The inner part of the city has mountains such as Pacoche, San Lorenzo and Aromo, located in the center of the cantonal territory, which offer vegetation and fauna, where excursion routes are made.

The city of Manta is more than a tourist city is a city that grows every year in sport, its beaches become a point of training and competition for citizens and foreigners.

Manta has been host to the Ironman 70.3 competition for four consecutive years. This type of competition helps to promote tourism in Ecuador, since athletes from countries such as the United States, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Spain, Venezuela, Bahamas, Holland, will participate. Tunisia, Ecuador, among others.

The Iroman70.3 this year (2018) was held on July 8, which consisted of traveling 70.3 miles The competition began with 1.9 kilometers of swimming on the beaches of Murcielago. Then, the athletes must pedal through the 90 km circuit, between Manta and Crucita Beach, to return to the Malecón to run 21 km.

This championship was a challenge for 1,700 athletes, amateurs and professionals. In addition, 30 places were distributed to the World Championship in Nice, France. The competition was very close this year, the positions were as follows, Igor Amorelli, the Brazilian of 34 years was in first place, crossed the finish line with a time of 03:43:28. Last year he also ran in this competition, but suffered an accident while riding his bicycle. That day he ended up in the Rocafuerte hospital with mild polytraumatism and a cut wound on his arm. And this year he celebrated his triumph in a big way.

The second place was obtained by the Australian Tim Rea and the third was his compatriot Paul Matthews, who stopped the clock at 04:00.

Ecuador was not left behind, Giovanny Marmol. The Quiteño made a time of 04:16. and María Teresa Guerrero or as the Ecuadorians call her "La Flaca" came second in her category, taking in the love and support of the citizens of Manta.

There is no doubt that Ecuador is a country that is growing in a tourist and sports way, dare to visit Ecuador and encourage yourself to practice some of its extreme sports in the coast, Andes, Amazonia or Galápagos. Come and visit the country of the 4 worlds.

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