Tips to enjoy the season of Mountains in Ecuador

Tips to enjoy the season of Mountains in Ecuador

You are passionate about adventure, you like walking, climbing snow, exploring mountains, Ecuador is your best option. In June to August is mountain season so the sports activities that can be done in Ecuador are varied and fit the physical performance of each adventurer, for example, you can do high mountain, hiking, rock climbing, trail running, mountain bike, camping and more.

In Ecuador, you can find the highest mountain in the world, known as the closest point to the sun, El Chimborazo, which is one of the most visited snowcapped by domestic and foreign tourists, you can also choose to visit. Antisana, Cayambe, Ilinizas, Rucu Pichincha, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi and El Altar.

If you feel like visiting and doing an activity in these places, take into account the following tips.

First of all do not choose to do an activity alone or on your own, I recommend you do it with a guide, the guides of these places know the whole area, and they know what to do if an emergency happens. Before going to climb one of these mountains, it is good that at least you spend about 2 days in a nearby town, so that your body acclimate, that is, so that you do not take height.

Use appropriate clothing, the clothes you use depends on the activity, ask the guide what is the right clothes. In general, they recommend you to wear synthetic and warm clothes, have an extra change of clothes, wear well-worked footwear so that you have more grip to avoid falls, use glasses which will help to protect against the sun's rays. Something fundamental is that during these activities you are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol or energy drinks, if you want to hydrate you can make them with a little warm sugar water.

It is normal that during the walk or ascent we get a bit hungry, the food that is recommended to take, is solid food, carbohydrates is a good option, you can bring fruits, cereals, and a chocolate bar, believe me the chocolate helps you to recover strength. You can also bring tuna sandwiches or whatever you want. Remember not to throw garbage on the floor.

You can carry an essential oil or some aroma, just in case you feel dizzy, I always carry an essential oil of palo santo, its aroma helps me to recover quickly, if I feel dizzy, but you can use any type of aroma.

In some volcanoes such as The Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Cayambe, Illinizas, Guagua Pichincha and Tungurahua, there are shelters where you can stay and spend the night, mostly, with bunk beds, stoves, kitchen utensils and bathrooms. Some have solar energy. I recommend you make a reservation because due to the season and the demand may be full or without place.

Dare to visit Ecuador during its mountain season, and encourage yourself to live a unique experience full of adrenaline. Remember to follow us on our social networks and tell us in the comments other tips, to be able to do a good activity in the mountains.  Facebook,Twitter,Instagram

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