Holistic therapy, a way to take care of your body

Holistic therapy, a way to take care of your body

Surely you have heard about holistic therapy, aromatherapy or alternative therapies and if not, do not worry today I will explain everything about holistic therapies. Holistic therapies are all alternative, complementary or natural therapies that seek to stimulate the body's natural healing power so that it can recover its own balance.

In holistic therapy, the human being is taken into account as a unit of the body, mind and spirit, unlike traditional medicine only deals with the physical part of the human being. Within the holistic therapies we have Homeopathy, Acupuncture, phytotherapy, floral medicine, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy, among many others, I use aromatherapy, as it helps me to practice meditation, relaxation and to de-stress the body.

Aromatherapy is practiced through smells, massages and the use of 100% natural  essential oils. As I told you before, practicing this therapy helps me a lot both physically and mentally. Before explaining my therapy routines, I want to tell you that the use of essential oils has healing properties, it's just a matter of knowing the benefits they offer.

For example, I spend time traveling, and the constant change of climate causes me to produce the flu, or allergy, the truth is that at first I was taking medication, until one day, a companion I put some essential oil of Palo Santo in the chest, and at the temples and I do not lie to the minute, I remove the symptoms of the flu and my allergy.

Usually my work, my studies leave me exhausted, and believe me every day was the same, studies, jobs, go home and sleep, and that's wrong, at least you should do 30 minutes of meditation, and find your inner being, so you can be at peace with you, and be able to do things right the next day.

I started talking with friends who do yoga, and I encouraged myself to practice this millenary activity, the first days I felt super good, with energy and saw life in another way, but for reasons of travel and work it was difficult for me to continue .

In yoga at the time of meditation spray a little aroma to relax, my curiosity led me to search this on the internet and found Aromatherapy.

The routines were easy to do, I could do them at home, and all I needed was an essential oil and a scent diffuser that is totally optional. I do three types of routines, one that I use for the mornings, another one for the nights and one that is for the weekends that I do not work and I want to remain relaxed.

My routine in the morning is as follows, the oil I use is the palo santo, this has a pleasant woody aroma that helps you recharge the energies of the body and eliminates fatigue. In my aroma diffuser I put 3 to 5 drops of the essential oil of palo santo and let it aromatize my room while I stay 10 minutes lying down, so that my body can cool down and be able to bathe, in that time I breathe deeply, exhale soft and I start to meditate.

My routine for the nights is the same, only sometimes varies a little, in a spray, I put a little water with 5 to 8 drops of oil, mix it well, and before bed, sprayed my room, pillows and bed , for this I use a lavender oil, which helps you fall asleep. On weekends I opt for a massage, or for a relaxing shower, where you can use aromatic candles, handmade and natural soaps, and essential oils.

Encourage yourself to practice holistic therapies and take care of your body both mentally and physically. Tell us in the comments what you think about this information. Remember to follow us on our social networks, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram 

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