Prana Yoga: The energy of life

Prana Yoga: The energy of life

Yoga is a millenary practice that helps us to be at peace with our inner being and the world around us, eliminating all kinds of worry and tension. Within yoga, several postures are practiced, or meditation or relaxation exercises, among them is Prana, perhaps you have heard about prana yoga, and if not, I will explain it to you here. Prana yoga, or prana according to expert and the science of yoga is the vital energy, it is an active principle that makes manifest all forms of the material world, that animates living things, keeps the body alive and healthy, surrounds us, penetrates in us, it is in what we see, smell, feel and in many of the things we eat.

How is prana obtained?

In yoga there are 3 main sources where you can get prana, these sources are the Sun, Air and Earth. Each one has a different technique to receive their energy and also provides different benefits to our body and health.

Prana Sun: the prana of the sun can be absorbed by just getting in touch with it, yoga practitioners manage to absorb their prana for hours in the morning. It is recommended to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes under the sun, breathing gently. Receiving solar prana helps you strengthen the body by promoting good health, it is not even necessary to practice yoga to perform this exercise, many mothers do it with their newborn children, with the aim of strengthening their body.

Prana of the air: The prana of the air is absorbed by the energy centers or chakras of the energetic body, through the breath. Air prana can be better absorbed if we perform slow, gentle breaths.

Prana of the earth: the technique that is used to absorb the prana of the earth, we do it many times unconsciously. Walking barefoot helps our body absorb the energies of the earth, creating antibodies and making us stronger.

It should be emphasized that eating natural foods also helps us to absorb solar prana, since food also feeds on the sun, and by ingesting them we obtain their prana. Therefore, it is very important to select everything we eat very well, knowing that fresh foods contain more Prana than preserved foods.

Remember that you can do it at home, the important thing is to meditate, relax and breathe deeply, if you find it difficult to meditate you can use a little essential oil and sprinkle it in the room or place where you are going to do it, I use the essential oil of Palo Santo and Usually I always meditate in my patio, sitting on the lawn in the morning hours.

Dare to perform these exercises and absorb the prana that surround you, I assure you that your body will feel better. Remember to follow us on our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Namaste!


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